Overwatch is Scam - 1000 Credits on a "Exclusive Skin" that was 40 Euros/ 60 Dollars

So I just heard the news that the “Exclusive” skin of sombra is coming back for 1000 Credits in-game. So you mean that I spent money FOR NOTHING? Oh wow, IM NEVER GOING TO GIVE ANOTHER EURO TO THIS COMPANY, for me it can backrupt for all I care. I lost all its credibility after they done this. Even some developers confirmed that it was going to be a “Exclusive” only skin, just do this after. I cant even ask for a refund because they would say “Screw you ahaha, we just want your money :D”.

i give up on this on this game. No wonder why there are people farming lootboxes, this company only tries to steal money from them.

Also, for all of you fanboys of overwatch that will protect the company for doing this, I dont care and I wont read your messages either. This is for the developers and the company to read, and to share the Scam that its Overwatch. A game with true potencial to be wasted on some 50 year old guys that lusts for money.

Bye bye, no wonder overwatch revenues and game is dying…


Pretty sure this is bait… but ill bite.

It was made clear it would return to be purchasable through other sources at a later date.


They literally said at launch that the skin would be available later on.

It was never an exclusive skin, just a “sneak peek” bonus for buying the ticket…

Learn to read my dude.


None of the other stuff for any of the other games counts toward that $40 (not to mention access to the blizzcon stuff, which is supposed to be the main attraction anyway). You don’t play any of the other games? And you were willing to drop $40 for a skin? Really?


You’re not very bright are ya?


we already knew this when it came out. the skin was a bonus to the things you got in the blizzcon ticket.


Sadly, I’m pretty sure it’s not bait. People are just that petty.


They did this sort of thing other times, long before Demon Hunter. I really don’t understand why you’re surprised. In this case they even said it would be available in the main game at a later date.

Plus, if you bought the entire blizcon ticket just for that one skin, you got what’s coming to you. I wouldn’t pay $40 dollars for a skin unless it came with a solid gold statue of the hero IRL. Overwatch isn’t a scam, you simply made a mistake (just like everyone who actually buys loot boxes in my opinion, but that’s a whole other argument)


So you’re leaving a game because of a skin that can get purchased with in-game currency ?


its not their fault you’re illiterate or so impulsive you don’t read up about what you’re buying

I’m sure they’ll miss you and the ~2x game price you paid for a skin.


How is it now people are noticing that demon hunter was a timed exclusive?

Like come on. The first thing I knew about the skin was it’d be available in 2019.

Also if you spent $40 for a skin and didn’t bother using the other Blizcon goodies, you kinda only have yourself to blame that you wasted your money.


There are many, many people here, including me, who have, and will continue to tell you, that it was never exclusive, we knew it was coming and were prepared to wait it out.

More than enough of us indeed, to suggest that maybe they were sufficiently open and that it was not a scam.


So sad reality- they did on Twitter when they showed off the skin,

State it was an exclusive skin


In the very same post, they had a link to the blog about the Blizzcon ticket and all its perks- where it stated everything given as a perk to the ticket holders would be released later to everyone else.

Granted is was in the “fine print”, it was however literally the only fine print there.

However from day one people noticed this and discussed it.

Various blogs and web sites covered that it would be released elsewhere later.

And the forum leaders made multiple posts on the forums discussing that it was going to be released later.

It’s “understandable” that someone would’ve missed all of these-

Seen the single twitter post, read exclusive, and never thought twice about it again

Buuuut with all the sources stating it was going to be released later for everyone, including a link in the very twitter post in question-

My sympathy is low.

Moral of the story

Don’t spend 40 dollars on a skin without reading what you’re actually getting. As much as I’d LOVE “twitter” to be the be all end all infallible gospel, it’s not.


Well all is not for not, you got to support your local friendly Blizzard with that 40eu/60 bucks ya spent.

You weren’t buying the skin. you were buying a Blizzcon virtual ticket and you got a free skin with it.


So youre just crying? Nice lmao


The only skin worth paying premium prices for is Mercy’s Pink skin and that was for charity. Like buying cereal for the prize inside and then getting pissed off when you find out you can get the prize for like fifty cents out of a gashapon.