Overwatch is Scam - 1000 Credits on a "Exclusive Skin" that was 40 Euros/ 60 Dollars

No wonder that this game is in so bad community state if people cry about something they state they gona do

They do what they promised to us, thats good.

Maybe you should’ve read what you were buying? I never even went on the page and I was well aware the skin was going to be free eventually. You payed for the virtual ticket and got the skin early as a bonus.

It’s dying because they did what they said they were going to do?

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Feels like deja vu…

I just can’t put my finger on it…

No, I can put my finger on it, or at least my mouse button.

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WTF is a ‘gashapon’.

Please just tell me, I really don’t want to google it atm.

No need for all people who didn’t spend money and are now happy to get the skin for free basically to gang up on people who are upset about spending money on it…

I think the general frustration from the people who paid for it comes from the fact that the skin is available for free in the game (1000 in-game credits is free). It was expected that the skin will come back for something like 10 bucks in the shop, not just given out for free to everyone.

There are a lot of people who bought the Blizzcon ticket primarily because of this skin. You can’t blame them for spending money on it, even though there was the clarification that it would be made available later by other means, because we had no idea what those means were. It makes a huge difference if they clarified that it would come for free rather than being available for real money but at a reduced price.

I can 100% guarantee you that if they outright stated that “The skin will be available in the base game for free later on” rather than “It would be available separately” the amount of Blizzcon tickets that would be bought would be much, much smaller.

So I get that you’re happy you’re getting a skin for free that other people paid for, but you don’t need to make them feel stupid by saying things like “You knew what you were getting” because it wasn’t clear from the get go if it would just be free or you would still have to pay for it, just at a reduced price. People have every right to be upset that they’re bringing it back in this way, and you don’t need to gang up on them and rub it in their face so aggresively…

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A Japan capsule toy dispenser.

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Thank you kind sir. I learned a new terminology that I will try to use in the future to look sophisticated, well-traveled, and maybe smart.

    It was never an exclusive skin

True but it was never stated it’s gonna be a base game lootbox drop too… It’s one thing to sell it separately, another to just give it out for free.

No problem.

It’s amazing what you can learn from other cultures :smile:

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I feel like I’m falling down a deep hole when I read your post.

It’s those little machines grocery stores use to have, you’ll occasionally see them still, that put like a quarter or two into them and turn a dial and you get a little toy or candy.

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I try to learn about other cultures, but I don’t travel abroad much. Fortunately, I live in Canada where a lot of other cultures comes to me. Alas, they don’t tell me everything so I have to soak up culture from elsewhere.

Thanks. Terx2 clarified it for me too, but I appreciate your definition too.

I hate those things, my damn son keeps wanting them. Inflation is a not male dog. They are no longer a quarter or two, but a toonie (Canadian 2 dollar coin fyi).

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Next time you’ll read before buying

Don’t you love the threads that pretty much close on the fist comment?
Yeah a basic complain of “I didn’t read what I bought and the clear statements” and I am mad with myself!

Well, you can complain the sky is blue too OP but, nothing new and no surprises there. It is what it is. It was advertised so, your fault :man_shrugging:

Australian here.

I’ve learned a fair bit from those that visit here and I’ve learnt stuff just from getting out of my confort zone.

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I’ve got cousins in Australia, but never had a chance to visit.

The only culture I get to soak up from there was watching a television program on deadliest creatures. Crikey, there are a lot of animals in Australia that can drop you in seconds.

Thank goodness I live in Toronto where the only thing dangerous is our drivers.

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Well, aren’t you late to the party?

He is still welcome to the party, late or not.

Let’s not ridicule him for being the last person to whine about something clearly explained to us. At least not that much… go easy on him I think he had a bad day.