Overwatch crashing ONLY during comp games, just crashed and suspended me for 8 minutes and took away 100 SR!?!?!?!?!?!

WTF this happens so much but only in comp games. Never in QP or arcade or PTR. How the hell am I supposed to climb with this crap??? This never used to happen. Ever since April I have had this BS happen. I am sick of it. You want everyone to stay calm and not use “big boy words” in the forums. YOu are so god damn slow to do anything in this game including bug fixes. I was at the end of the game taking the point and it crashed with a stupid error box asking “what was I doing when it crashed” I was playing your god damn game that I spent waayy too much money in buying your stupid lootboxes with my wallet. I was 10 SR from 1800 and now I am at 1600 something because of another god damn crash. This isn’t a problem with my PC. It doesn’t happen with any other blizzard game nor does it happen with any other game I play.

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I’m like 99% sure this is a you problem ;))
(also 1800 - 1600 =/= 100)

I said 1600+ not 1600. Also, no, its not a me problem. Lots of people have mentioned the same issue ever since that April patch. Never had an issue until then. It only happens in comp. I can play DM and QP and the PTR until the cows come home and there are no crashes. I can play every other blizzard game without crashes. I can play any other MMO without crashes. My PC is beast. THe sheer amount of cash I put into building in has the game maxing out at 200 or more FPS. Its not just a ME problem. It happens to so many people lately in the middle of a match. Then they rejoin shorty after. It happens to people like every other game I play in. It happens to me at least once a day but only when in comp games. Maybe their stupid servers are having issues with the sheer amount of people in the lower ranks since we have the biggest playerbase. Whatever the issue is I am sick of it. Whatever servers are running their comp mod needs to be fixed. The fact that it only happens in Comp shows that its not my computer. Otherwise it would happen in quickplay, arcade, PTR when huge patches go onto the PTR, huge modded RPG’s that I play, Other MMO’s that are known for being taxing, or any other game/ program in general. But no, its just blizzards comp mode that decides to be all over the place

Are you talking about the Blizzard Crash Handler? (See image below)

Crash Dialog

This is a dialog form that collects a description of what your perception the game is in. Be as descriptive as possible including the game mode you were playing in, whether you are playing on live or on the PTR (obviously in this case the live client if it involves Competitive), what map, and what hero you are playing on. Don’t worry about system details as Blizzard collects relevant information automatically when that report is generated.

It is very important to copy that code that displays below the dialog, you can use that code in any web ticket for tech support and they can look up that crash log which helps them get a better idea of what the problem is.

Overwatch is not like any other Blizzard game and every game is unique from each other. I once was plagued with this dialog in season 2, crashing constantly. In the long run, it turned out to be the drivers for my USB headset of all things causing the crash. There are many possibilities to what can cause a video game to crash even if it seems only to be one specific game. Yes, there is a possibility it could be a problem with the game client, but more often than not it is specific computer builds or third-party software and drivers that can cause very problematic issues with the game client.

My error that I had back in Season 2 mostly occurred in Competitive, because I used voice comms in Comp more than other modes. More often most players commonly play one specific mode (Quick Play, Arcade, Competitive).

Every major patch there is always a spike of new players complaining about crashes (and this is true in almost every game, not just Overwatch). When game clients are updated, the general assumption is that they will be compatible with most systems that meet the recommended system requirements and for a high majority of the player base (we are talking a good 99% or more) this is true.

That being said there is always going to be exceptions and that is because computers will range so wildly. The Overwatch Development Team and the Blizzard Quality Assurance team do stress the client on a variety of systems ranging from those that barely meet minimum requirements (please try to not play Overwatch on such as system BTW) to the beefiest of machines. Even then there are problems. For example, the new RTX 2000 series of NVidia graphics cards were a plague for Overwatch (which is slowly being resolved by NVidia from what I understand; I don’t see as many RTX complaints these days), before that in 2017, the AMD Radeon graphics card drivers were causing widespread crashes on systems that tried to run the latest driver (this is long resolved), these are just two notorious examples that affected a larger portion of our community.

In short, is it Blizzard’s fault or the fault of the end user?

It’s a case by case basis. However, in most cases, it is my experience there is a technical malfunction or incompatibility that causes Overwatch to crash on most computer systems that are outside of Blizzard’s control or ability to resolve without assistance from the user.

So what can you do?

First, PLEASE stop playing Competitive until your issue is resolved. Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Secondly, get started on troubleshooting, a good basic step that may save a lot of time is to work through the standard Lock-up and Crashes for Overwatch troubleshooting guide (click here). Some of these steps are brain dead easy, some a little more complicated (especially those in the Advanced section), however a good majority of times many issues can at least be isolated if not resolved by following these steps.

There is a possibility more advanced help is needed, and there are two options. Start a web ticket or post in the technical support forum. Since you already crashed in a way that caused the Blizzard Crash Launcher to appear, Blizzard will already have a record of your crash. Just use the crash code number when you start a web ticket and Blizzard can look up possible causes to your crash more quickly. Posting in the technical support forum allows you to pool information with the community and get assistance from Forum MVPs, Blizzard Support Agents, and other members of the community.

In conclusion, crashes do suck and are infuriating, but if you really want to get to the root of the problem lets work to troubleshoot it carefully.