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There were two key interviews in the Overwatch Creator’s Residency today with Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

On that note, I have moved all Interviews into a separate section in the Development & History section on the third post since most of those interviews have a huge variety of subjects discussed. If you want to discuss these interviews specifically, please see this topic:

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Minor new update discovered on Reddit earlier this week, apparently the feature of being able to transfer ownership of a custom game lobby will be introduced in the 1.33 patch (note we are currently live on patch 1.32 and the PTR is testing features for 1.32.1).


I noticed this too. Wonder when that happened. Awesome that it did.

Keep up the good work, OP!

Hello everyone, getting caught up on new developer responses this week.

First off, during the patch launch yesterday Bill Warnecke explains the difficulties in having a smooth patch launch for all parts of the world.

Today Geoff Goodman appeared in the Overwatch Creator’s Residency and discussed a lot of hero balance topics with IDDQD (former pro player of the San Francisco Shock) on Twitch.

Click here for the Goodman/IDDQD Interview

In addition in a topic that discussed this stream, Goodman followed up with some key responses for channeled damage attacks and for how Reaper gets around with Shadow Step.

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Hey everyone, sorry about the delays in updating the directory (as I have been dealing with some serious issues outside of Overwatch).

Jeff Kaplan revealed more details about why Fall Damage is not in the game (he has answered this previously on the old forums long ago).

Michael Chu dropped a small, but obvious lore tidbit regarding certain heroes favorite choice of music…

I don’t think I can take him seriously right now.

Okay, so my friend and I were playing Comp, and we were losing like crazy. One, we were getting in with people who were nowhere near our skill level, and Lucio feels so bad to play. D.va also feels super squishy to the point where she’s being torn to shreds by people who shouldn’t even be able to kill her that quickly. Just pointing out those complaints, because this game has gotten so much worse, much like WoW.

i wanted a refund first day i purchased a license for overwatch.
Well, I didn’t get one so i’m stuck with it.
When i play quickmatch its me and a bunch of other newer players versus the most experienced. game lasts momentts we dont get stuff all exp.
And its the same humiliation every game with the same players.
Mr crossbow can fire 3 times whilst i receive 1 hit kill. video replay shows 3 shots fired. I want my money back because this is the only game thats ever done it.

im just seeing if ive been silenced


Welcome to the forums, I guess?

If you really want to complain about something, please do so by creating a new thread, and not commenting on an existing one. You also need to ensure that you are being respectful to other people in your thread, otherwise, your posts may be deleted, your thread may be locked or deleted, and you may be silenced.

@Pidima, seeing as this is your first post on the Overwatch forums, you haven’t been silenced.
Being silence in-game and on the forums are two completely different things.

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Actually officially, any account action in game should result in an automatic forum suspension. See this post here for details.

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20761366034

I say “should” because I am under the distinct impression that this feature is not working as intended by Blizzard based on the number of people complaining about getting actioned here on the forums. (Of course, I have no way of knowing for sure, that is for Blizzard to handle.)

Oh ok, I don’t think that the function is working as intended.

Hey Wyoming, could you just fix this up? Thanks.

I wonder if it would be helpful to move the top post down by one, and use the top post as a currated Summary of recent dev activity. Such as forum quotes, YouTube/Twitch embedded links.

Just like the top 5.

Please rescale reaper lifesteal, its quite unfair the he is categorized as a dmage hero but can tank since the lifesteal is very insane. he just heals the incoming damage he recieves in 2 hits of his weapon even from a far… Or atleast rescale his damage if you dont want to rescale his lifesteal. its not enjoyable anymore that he can cheese out heroes almost any mission because of the buff and high damage while support heroes like Ana gets nerfed almost that its not its not viable to use anymore.

For your kind consideration. Thank you!!

Dear Sir/Madam

I hope that i do not be considered racist or hater for my following comments. I simply want the game be more joyful and pleasant for me and others.

“”“Could you please kindly dedicate a SERVER just for Russia.”""

based on my many hours playing Overwatch (mostly arcade and quick play and lessen competitive) I came across followings to back my reasons for my request:

1-Most Russian players refuse to communicate in English and despite 5 team members with non-Russian language, they continue to speak Russian even when 5 other players ask not to or at least not to talk (i know about muting but this game is about communication). they communicate with other Russians even if one person, in Russian and you can hear two people talking when other players cant understand.

2-they get toxic (very toxic) when tides are not in favor (in a gold rank, all players are relatively the same, therefore there is no need to call others noob, idiots or same things with (in many cases) adding inappropriate words usually starts with F)

3- they leave during games if they feel they are going to loose.

4-they refuse to cooperate with the team. I know every body is free to pick the hero he/she wants, but they can point out their words more politely with no game play sabotage, or ask others more politely.

5- many times i have come across Russian players who are throwing and some times just playing emotics with other Russian player when 4 other players are in a team fight.

I need to point out that not all of Russian are like this and I also have two Russian friends in Overwatch who they have same opinion and Many of my friend who plays Overwatch have same problem.

I hope i dont look a hater and I really hope that this matter would be solved.
It could have been solved if players reported such cases and not ignorantly forgo it.

Best Regards

Jeff Kaplan appeared on the forums mid-day today. Talking about past experiments with role queue and team comp expectations.

These will be sorted into the Role Queue and Other Game Feature Responses respectively in the General Game Features section.


During the Overwatch League matches, Michael Chu dropped a lore bit identifying Hammond as more of a mechanic in terms of his profession.

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Another post in the books. Kaplan compares the ping system seen in Respawn’s Apex Legends to features they tried in Overwatch during development.


I can see why this would be hard to implement jn a very confined 3d environment but what if all you pinged was say your targets or an ally simple things