How cool would it be

Mercy - Debussy

In my mind, I imagine Mercy going home after a hard day, making some light dinner and grabbing a glass of wine, listening to Debussy while she looks at medical data, patient files, doing her research.

There’s a dog in the picture and he puts his head on her lap. He knows that when the evening comes, there are soft lights in the apartment, and there’s soft piano playing, that’s when he gets the treats and the absent minded belly rubs.

She looks at the screen while she’s scratching behind its ears but that’s okay. Doggie can feel its human’s warmth under its resting head and the piano is actually nice.

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Reaper and Soldier are probably Vietnam Radio fans. You know, CCR, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, etc.

I hope Tracer also likes The Who, The Beatles, The Stones, etc.

I can totally picture that. Though since I’ve watched Westworld (the TV show) I’ve associated Debussy to Moira. I feel Moira’s personality is close to Dr. Ford’s : they both have a “sinister and manipulative yet brilliant mind” vibe; and he happens to listen to Debussy’s Rêverie several times in the show.

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That’s strangely illustrative.

symmetra likes calm and harmonious tunes.
unlike her taste, 7 rings by Ariana Grande really suits her.
I want it, I got it.
creates Louis Vuitton bag out of hard light


Pharah loves classic rock. Reinhardt loves David Hasselhoff.


How about Jack? He seems like a classic rock sort of guy.

Jack is a big fan of Dolly Parton


McCree clearly must love country right?


Pfft, everyone knows Mercy is a cat lover.

She has to have the opposite of Moira after all and being apart of the Lindholm family? It has to be cats!

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:sunglasses:…Though Secretly I wanted Leonora theory disproven, saying she was dead. (But this will do) (Unless I was right, Which even I find crazy because it’s a theory most have just ignored. :innocent:)

I can so picture Pharah’s taste of music, you know? I can see her listening to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses. As a teenager, listening to those lying on her bed, with her feet up the wall, the wall covered in rock music and Overwatch posters. Following in the footsteps of so many older sibling figures - McCree, Angela, Lena - And cool foster aunts and uncles - Reinhardt, Jack, Gabriel, Winston, the LaCroixs - I can see how she idolized an older age, her heroes and rock’n’roll. How she was as a teenager, rushing, impatiently to be one of them.

I bet she was listening to all that classic rock in her room and imagining her future adventures. I bet she was a “cool girl” as a teenager, dropping smooth comebacks she learned from McCree, wearing vintage sunglasses, thinking that the music of her generation sucked, how she had to be out there in the world, just waiting to get out of school and enlist in Overwatch already.


Junkrat likes katy perry (he had a “baby i’m a firework!” line in beta, and he does the backkid dance in heroes of the storm) he will also sometimes hum the " 1812 Overture" so i’m guessing he’s a fan of pop and classical music.

omg im so happy u saw this!

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So who’s the Metalhead of the bunch ? Brig ?

maybe this thread could be usefull
(shameless selfpromotion ;D lel)

Wouldn’t it be Reaper?

He’d publicly say he loves metal but secretly, all alone in his bedroom he’d listen to Linkin Park.
Crawliiiing in my skiiiiin

To be more serious I imagine Gabriel Reyes listening to Grunge (especially Nirvana or any similar band they’ll have in the future) , then as Reaper hating his life so much he’s stopped listening to music.

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Alright so my only question is this - Switzerland Overwatch HQ, official international delegation arriving and Strike Commander Jack Morrison furiously asking all present personnel on the intercom to stop all nonessential disruptions to the conference, all because somewhere, through an open window, the entire base can hear a song playing:

Smash Mouth: All Star

My question is who put that on?

(The only people not hearing it are Jesse McCree who’s somewhere in a bar putting on Country Roads on the jukebox and Moira O’Deorain who’s alone in her lab working with a big headphone on, listening to the Naruto season 3 soundtrack)

I was thinking once what exactly would the Overwatch heroes listen to, but then, the lore is set in the 70’s, or something, of 21st century. So much different music would be released up to that date that it doesn’t really seem believable to everyone listen only to the songs made prior to 2019, let’s say.

I’d rather see some completely made-up names :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see Brigitte listening to pantera tbh