Overwatch black screen crash on launch

I have not been able to open overwatch for the past 7 months, every time I try to boot it the screen goes black and the game crashes. There is no crash code or anything to help identify the problem.

The only thing I can think of being the problem is my switch from and AMD graphics card to a NVIDIA card.

I have tried a large amount of fixes with none working, these fixes being:
Scan and repair on blizzard launcher (detects nothing wrong)
uninstalling and reinstalling
launching game as administrator
deleting potentially conflicting software, razer, Radeon software
running game in compatibility mode
running in 640 x 480 resolution
disable full screen optimisation
updating graphics drivers
going into settings folder on desktop (no settings_v0ini file in there, it is empty)
changing to not full screen in GeForce experience (does not let me change anything says it is unable to retrieve current settings)
Resetting in-game options
turning off NVIDIA in-game overlay
unplugging second monitor
restarting PC

Usually, this is related to Razer Chroma residual files. Add a DxDiag for troubleshooting.

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