Overwatch 2 the (probably) $40+ dlc

So in a fourm post by WyomingMyst (url above)
if you scroll down to the part titled “About the release of Overwatch 2” the first two bullet point say that OW2 will be considered a sequal and you can purchase OW2 sepreatly from OW, and I said dlc in the title but what I mean by this is that it doesn’t seem worthy of being called a sequel. From what i’ve heard the main diffrence is an updated graphics engine also brought up in the aforementioned post. So for the main diffrence to be graphics and a new storymode (also mentioned) which is almost just the same as the Null Sector Archive event from OW just with more story driven dialouge and cinematics.

So if from what it looks like people who bought OW for $40 just almost four years which may seem cheap and like a long time ago ,but if you consider that everyone thought it was going to be a free to play game is a pretty steep price considering it’s structured and plays like a free to play game(with Blizzard making god knows how much on loot boxes),and getting no real content after the first year ,besides heros, having only the same few events cycle through each year with just a few new skins and a new playable events.

So to me this honestly seems outrageous if people who bought OW for $40 (my self-included) seemingly won’t be able to buy it for a cheaper price or not have to buy it at all. I mean for OW is a world full of lore and to not have almost any real story modes or missions to all of the sudden have it after four years and to give it a new look and new story modes ,and call it OW2 just to have users buy the game again sucks. Not to mention that OW seems to already have one foot in the grave in terms of devs updating the game in any meaning full way to help balance (or add exciting content). This game this may be what finally kills OW completely ,at least the first game.


I would love to be able to respond to this, but the wall of text makes it very difficult to do so.


Sry basically in short OW2 isn’t going to be dlc. It will be considered a complete sequel,but it seem it will be the same base game with just improved graphics and new story mode.

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OW2 is a new PvE story experience with the same PvP mode from OW1 (To allow crossplay) yes.

The price for OW1 owners probably won’t take the PvP aspect into account.


Honestly I hope not because the story is the only thing im really intested in. I think that the OW team has been messing with the game so much, changing so much, adding some broken heros its kind of ruined it for me.


The only reason of calling it OW2 was to bail out from promises about future content being free. That is how it looks like at least.

Unless they change the model, they can be sued for deceiving practices since they are basically selling the same game as a new one.
Even if not that, ppl can boycott the launch by just not buying it.


It’s not DLC you ingrate.

It’s an expansion pack. Problem is the Activision higherups and daytraders they answer to don’t understand the difference between an “expansion pack” and a “sequel like what CoD does every year” because they’re stupid short sighted.

Blizzard specializes in what’s called a “live service”. However, before even that they were a classical “expansion pack” studio, releasing a game and then supporting it for years with additional paid content.

You pay for content, they can afford to make more content. You have fun, they keep their jobs. It worked pretty well for them. It worked plenty well for us.

Warcraft 2: 1 expansion
Warcraft 3: 1 expansion
Starcraft: 1 expansion
World of Warcraft: 7 expansions

Now Overwatch is getting its first expansion. Only they can’t call it an expansion because the people who control the money don’t understand the difference between an “expansion” and an “sequel”.

So shut up, smile, and say “sure, I love the reinvention of the sequel!” before the idiots up top figure out what they were actually talked into.


There never was a promise that future content such as PVE modes would be free, only the heroes and maps would be. Which they are still upholding this promise with the release of the new game.


Yea im fimiliar with how Blizzard works and honestly I think their a real scummy company, but I like some of their games overwatch included. Honestly I think its unfortunate that Blizzard will not be simply treating it as an exspansion, because at least then they might let OW owners buy it at the cost it should be at most $20 or so (but honestly I think it should be free for OW owners). Blizzard though will be treating it like a sequel meaning they will charge $40 ,or possibly more, like OW was when it realeased which I find ludicrous because like I said its just the same game with graphics improvement and new content, and not even alot of it ,from the looks.

Yea thats what im saying is that so Blizzard doesn’t have to add any real meaningful content to OW they just changed the graphics,added new content, and rebranded it OW2. The graphics will also be added to OW which I hate because some of the character changes I dont like, Mercy in paticular looks so diffrent its off putting, but with the graphics being added to OW the only major thing added to “Overwatch 2” is real content.

It’s an expansion pack, bundled with a copy of the game for people who didn’t have it already.

But it’s also coming along with a lot of new maps, better graphics engine, rehauled user interface, and about 3-5 new heroes, and 3-5 new maps.

It’s actually pretty similar to Left4Dead2’s business model.

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They said no payed dlcs cuz they don’t what to be splitting the community due lack of access. The PvE is exactly payed dlc and splitting the community.

Do you have a source of this information?


It was some of the earliest videos afaik. It should be on the official YT.

“Outrageous” - you’re asked to buy an optional upgrade after 4.5 years and you are “outraged”… talk about entitled…


Unless you can actually take the time to look up anything that’s more concrete let me show you the only source of information that’s about this subject, which comes from Jeff Kaplan himself:

As a reminder, OverWatch 2 will still allow all current OverWatch 1 players to access the new heroes new maps in new core PVP modes and play alongside any OverWatch 2 player in those core PVP modes.


Thanks - its remarkable people are still not clear on this, or somehow feel “cheated” on an optional purchase after 4+ years… such entitlement…


The PvP remains one community, and any split because of the PvE would still happen even if it were free.


I can’t seems to find it right now on the official channel. Only found one where jeff says maps and heroes will be free.

However there was another video where he talks with someone else (maybe geoff, not sure) and brings exactly the point of splitting the community.

I bought a $40 dlc for Monster Hunter, and that was well worth it. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way here

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A lot of words for “i am entitled and want things for free”

Original game was not full price, people got 3 years out of it, and now pretend they are owed more. Even when they intend to not force the upgrade if you don’t want to.

People these days