Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Tracker [PS4 / PS5]

I bought the overwatch 2 watchpoint pack on ps5. I go to download the beta and it says that I need “the overwatch 2 pvp beta tracker.” I don’t know what to do.


I have the same problem and I purchased the watchpoint pack directly from the Blizzard’s website.


I have had the same issue

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I’m in this same situation.

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Standing by for any explanation on what’s going on with this issue…


Is this issues going to get fixed I’m having the same problem


I hope so, No one is talking about this, I wish a big youtuber or someone would because this is stupid


Hope this gets fixed soon. It acts like I haven’t bought the pack at all when I have the receipt to confirm I did buy it


same problem here too, this is getting ridiculous, instant access…:unamused:


Yeah Same here for me, the only info I can find is the same quote, Blizzard and Sony are aware and can’t give a time frame to fix.
so gutted


So at this point I’ve paid £35 to effectively not own the Watchpoint Pack. Presumably I can refund it. Has anyone sought and acquired a refund?

I can download the game, but the moment it says “searching for server” it gives me “LOGIN ERROR: Failed to connect to game server, Please try again later”. Well, I’ve been mashing X since 19:00 yesterday and I’m about to give up. How much later is “later”?

Blizzard and Sony are… Not great. To be honest. I feel like all the talented people— and especially all the staffers who actually care about the community— have left Blizzard.


Guy, I’ve fixed the issue for myself. Use the ps App on your phone and download the ps4 one. It will log you in instantly. At least, it worked for me.

Honestly, I don’t know whether it’s Blizzard or Sony’s fault ultimately, but they’re both useless. A moderator should have been in every thread like this within an hour to explain the workaround.

They would if they gave a damn.


No, instead a tech MVP wants you to not post the solution here and go to the “hidden” beta forum.

“Aang, why is your forehead so red?”

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If anyone is still having trouble, try the following steps:

  • Download the PS Mobile App.
  • Locate the PS4 version of the OW2 Beta.
  • Download the PS4 version to your PS5 console.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the info.

Just a heads up. I tried that and whether I try to download the PS4 or PS5 version of the beta on the app, I still get the note that I need the PvP beta tracker installed.


Thank you for the response, so I have downloaded the app and located the ps4 beta ow2.

However, it states item is unavailable for purchase/download because I “need the following product”: PS4 overwatch 2 PVP beta tracker.

This is the same thing which comes up if I try downloading thru the PlayStation network whilst on the console.


sadly doesn’t work. it’s one of the first things i have tried.

This error may occur if the original WPP transaction was not completed (declined payment, blocked payment, etc.) or refunded. Sony isn’t removing the items they refund fully, further complicating things.

Another player posted about speaking with support (I believe they meant Sony):

I purchased mine from the Blizzard website. I have the receipt and the money is not in my account.

I would like to know where the error is happening as every part of the transaction seems to have occurred, except getting what we paid for.

There also hasn’t been any word from anyone at Blizzard regarding this issue. Clearly its not a small number of people. Very let down, especially because in buying the pack, we are supporting the company.

A rough time line on a fix for the beta tracker issue would be great.

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i made the mistake of purchasing the watchpack twice on the playstation. but only refunded the second transaction. will there be a compensation for players who purchased the instant access who didn’t get instant access?