Overwatch 2 not using dedicated GPU

Hi there,

I’m currently having issues with Overwatch 2 prioritizing my iGPU instead of my dedicated graphics card when I launch the game. The only workaround I found for this is to disable my iGPU in the device manager, but it’s kind of inconvenient because I can’t run some other games without having my iGPU enabled, so I have to keep turning it on and off every time because of Overwatch. Is there a way to make Overwatch prioritize my dGPU without having to disable the iGPU?
Another problem i’m having is that the GPU temperature is always at 0º, only in Overwatch, but when I use MSI afterburner it shows the normal temps while i’m gaming (49º- 60º), i’m not sure if that’s an overwatch problem with AMD cards or not, because that was never an issue on my previous pc which had the RTX3060.
Any help is appreciated.

My specs
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX
dGPU: RX 6600M
iGPU: AMD Radeon Graphics
Graphics Control Panel: AMD Adrenalin Software
Single monitor, using the HDMI port
Every single driver is updated.

Howdy Lethal,

This confusion is usually caused by the information being displayed but in most cases I have seen, the game is actually running on the dedicated graphics card. Based on what you described, the game would struggle in performance if it was running on the integrated AMD card. However it’s not clear if you experiencing any FPS issues or performance problems.

The best way to ensure that the game is using the dedicated AMD graphics card though would be to go into the AMD control panel and configure Overwatch in the AMD application settings.

Hi there!

Normally in settings under the “video” tab it states the name of the GPU being used, when the iGPU is enabled it says AMD Radeon Graphics, when I disable it it says RX 6600M. I don’t really experience frame drops with either GPU, I capped it at 260fps and they both fine. I don’t think Overwatch demands that much out of the pc and most gpus can run it , but I just rather use the dedicated GPU. I’ve also tried to configure the game in the software but it makes no difference when it comes to prioritizing the dGPU.

Howdy Lethal,

In this situation, this sounds like a display issue. Even if the integrated AMD graphics shows in the menu, the game will still be primarily using the dedicated AMD graphics. I think you can ignore what it says since there isn’t a problem with the performance but if you want to be sure you can use a free program like HWMonitor to verify that the RX 6600M is being used while the game is running.

Alrighty, i’ll just try to ignore it and keep both gpu’s on, I appreciate the help!

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