Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

Exactly my problem and hopefully it gets fixed soon

Can you link the post?

I would be happy to wait to play a free to play (if I haven’t spent money on overwatch 1 and overwatch watchpoint pack) and that is the point I was making

I didn’t know that spent money on overwatch watchpoint pack as they didn’t said that they did and if they did then I wouldn’t said that

Calling me a thick headed people isn’t being toxic?

Same here, I can’t even get passed the login screen on PS5. I’ve been stuck like this for 3 days because of LC-208


the queue number meens nothing no matter what it will always land on 99 199 299 etc etc if there really was queue it would show your exact spot ie 134 or 1995 so the queue doesnt meen anything except your waiting and your waiting for nothing just like i am the definition of insanity lol starting to feel like one of those bots all over twitter


I think this post contains the info you’re looking for

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I just played 1 Quick play. I can’t voice chat until i finish first time user experience. Before I played the game it said I had 2 skins for Genji that somehow carried over but he was still locked. I finished my quick play, unlocked genji and lost the 2 skins i had. Lol that’s making not want to play on my bugged account even more.

I just got a message about merged accounts but all my progress that I had in overwatch 1 is not reflected… I feel like I’ve lost my account, can someone help me?

what about the people who bought the overwatch 2 waypoint pack and haven’t received the bp, coins, and kiriko…

My FRIEND just got everything back what is this game and am still stuck on this LC-208 crap

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That doesn’t say anything about the unlinking and relinking accounts. Sorry, I probably read the other post wrong

and why tf do i have a player icon here?

Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but there’s a bug that causes a server disconnect whenever an achievement is unlocked on the Xbox version of the game.

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can we start blasting them on twitter please ive been doing it for the last 2 days but no else seems to be yes we got an update but it came so late and didnt do a damn thing for most of us start demanding answers and updates everyone

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It should all appear after the merge is complete. If it doesn’t, I would submit a support ticket.

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Ah my bad. Sorry that wasn’t helpful

thank you! i appreciate the reply

I still have no shop in my menu and am unable to buy things in the hero gallery


This won’t do any good, I’m afraid. Activision and Blizzard did basically anything to deny refunds and assistance with all matters no matter the severity in the past, so its doubtful that should change now.

It’s alright, we’re all just confused here lol

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