Overwatch 2 Known Issues - October 25, 2022

I still cant play only because its so unclear what is happening with PC/console merging. What UI fix are you talking about? Nothing shows up when i log in via ps5. If i use PC theres an button to open my blizzard account page. Then what? It shows I’m connected to PS5 under connections. Still cant login to either platform.


This is bogus that my phone number which I have had for years is not considered “post-paid” and will not be accepted by Blizzard so now I can’t play OW2. Dick move Blizzard!

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They’re stopping that this Friday

Yes, it was completely wiped. Treated me as new player and I had nothing


give me ingame money and battlepass xp for having to waste time waiting through queues. first battle pass honestly should’ve been free for every ov1 player at least, but if you are going to make us waste time waiting just to get in the game, i’d imagine we’re going to be struggling to get enough xp to get through it. it’s not going to make it ‘better’ but at least compensating your players won’t make them feel as cheated. what an awful launch for an already dreaded title.

they just revealed that you won’t need a number to play anymore if you played ov1 and have a battle.net account, it goes live oct 7th or something you can read more here

thanks. the merge button is broken for me but I’ll try at it later and hopefully it works.

PLEASE fix the “player is in a different version of overwatch”
the workaround doesn’t work, I really want to play with my husband :frowning:

Anyone having a problem on xbox when you get an achievement then you get disconnected from the server p.s im new and this is getting annoying

Mine was broken at first too so yours should definitely start working soon

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Na East! And of course, shoot me your discord or something!

Jesse, what the heck are you talking about? Half the game? You’re delusional. The new user experience locks you out of almost every hero. You have to play 150 games to unlock the base roster from OW1. “Wouldn’t players trying to get into the client be a higher priority than players not being able to play ranked and have access to cosmetics? Silly take.” What are you actually on about? The login issues ARE higher priority. Look at the update to this post that we are commenting on. The second thing in the list. That they are working on fixing. They are actively adding nodes to alleviate the database being overloaded for your login issue. And then look at what they said about the merge issues - that players should try to re-login and that they’re monitoring it. So blizzard has only done something to help your issue and SMS issues, nothing to help ours with accounts, and you’re insinuating that I think ours is higher priority? It’s not my fault their fix didn’t work for you. This is a thread to post about issues, & it’s easier for the team to fix them if we don’t get information wrong, so I merely made an addendum to your post specifying that the issue was more than cosmetics as you had claimed. Stop making it a contest.

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Finally got to a queue of 6, said entering server, then error lc-208…


Yep, same for me. Been getting that ever since launch.

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Hello fellow companions of the error code Ic-208. Almost 3 days and I’m unable to see a single menu screen in my account :sob: :dotted_line_face:


My merge said there was no queue in front of me and said I can restart my game, so I did, now I am back in the queue.

Burh seriously like wth. Why don’t they try and fix one issue at a time since all of doing all of them at once seems to “overload the server” the first priority should be make sure everyone can even join the game. I’m a ps4 player and I haven’t been able to get past the network error that sends me to the back of the queue every time it appears. Like how can I even care about the other issues if I cant even access the game. The second problem in terms of order but with equal priority should be fixing the locked characters. There is nothing more annoying than realizing “oh wait I waited hours to ger in and when I finally did my favorite character/main is locked” like seriously?!?. It already has been 48h since the launch and I still have not been able to even look at the main menu. and the worst part of it all is that we don’t even know when this will get actually fixed so it flows smoothly. We just gotta wait but hey we have been waiting for years what’s a little more huh? Blizzard really making all of us look like clowns while half the community is in, if its even half; wouldn’t be surprised if its less, while the other half has to sit wait and if it doesn’t work just see other players have fun and get to enjoy it :clown_face:


Well, i got in the game again, Ive been playing for like 5-6 hours, actually i’m still in the game. Everything went fine, no bugs, the game didnt kick me out. NA server, PS5.

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Hey there,

I bought the watchpoint pack back in june but i didnt get anything from it but the Microsoft store says i already own it.
Please help.

You really need to chill out and touch some grass. I’ve read more than you obviously, the most recent dev update explains this issue if you would just spend the time to find it " We’ve received a number of reports from players that their inventory in-game is partially or totally reset. We’ve determined that the cause for this discrepancy in approximately half of reported cases is players having not yet completed their account merge . This is understandable—one cause for this is due to a bug with the launch build not providing an account merge prompt on some consoles. We rolled out a partial UI fix earlier today to help some console players progress through the account merge flow, however, we are still working on fixes for additional UI issues. In the other half of reported cases for this issue, things are just taking longer than expected for items from the original Overwatch to transfer and populate in Overwatch 2. In all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that cannot be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available." Seeing as this is a simple merging bug, it stands to reason the unlock of characters are tied to this too. I never made it into a contest, your addendum wasn’t needed since the guy I was responding to was complaining about cosmetics! You’re merger bug will get fixed when everyone can play the game. Take a shower, sweaty!