Overwatch 2 - Glorified Update

I can’t imagine how if you’re burnt out on the current PvP experience you can be invigorated for OW2. The game play loop is pretty much exactly the same, and the core experience is essentially identical. It’ll take a few weeks for the novelty of different abilities to wear off, and then you’re left doing the same thing you’ve already done thousands of times before. I feel like the game needed to take bigger risks and should’ve sought out a more fundamental change of pace. It needed innovation, but what we got were small tweaks. If you’ve run around blinking and shooting stuff as tracer, you’re essentially going to be doing the same thing. I dunno, my philosophy would’ve been this: “Just how much can we drastically change and still get away with?”

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Does the yearly release of the newest call of duty game ever look like a “new game”? Look, in a sense you are right; it does look like just an updated version of the game we’re already playing. But in a sense it feels and plays dramatically different than the live game. I disagree with you overall.

Also, who said anything about 50 dollars?

Nothing, and it never did. Because the PvP it is not a new game, but a really big update. They said a good couple of times that it is going to be a free update.

They just marketed PvP + PvE as OW2 so people get incredible confussed and buy the PvE game because they think they need to buy OW again to play PvP.

People here asking every now and then “Will my progress be transfered to OW2?” confirms that.

To take into account inflation; the US ain’t doing too good as of late.

Actually, the sequel was boycotted because it appeared too similar and was also a broken promise because Valve said they would support the original like Team Fortress 2. Obviously, the sequel proved everyone wrong and was beloved by the community. I want that fate for Overwatch 'cause what I’m seeing is concerning af.

when you decide to delay all updates it’s easy to doll them up a bit more to trick consumers.
most engine updates are for pve and sound effects

Did you read my post? I just said that in 2019 the absolute barest minimum number of maps was higher than the number that we are currently owed. And that was in 2019.

i hope you know ow2 isnt coming out tomorrow

And I hope you’re able to see the point being made.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see who’s right once OW2 comes out (lol)

you are focusing too much on nembers and not what actually happened behind the scenes and what’s in it for us consumers.
Blizzard screwewd us over and you happily fell for it

I’m going to humbly remind you that this is the comment I originally replied to:

You brought up numbers first, buddy.

Good luck with your conspiracy theories or whatever though :+1:

and i’m the one who didn’t understand the point being made, huh.

They are spending some time and effort into reworking the engine, reworking heroes, revamping the PvP system, implementing the PvE system etc. So calling it a glorified update is in my opinion wrong.

What is the biggest question however is whether it’s all worth it or not. The PvP system is free for everyone who already have OW1 so what you basically invest in is the PvE system. And that is where I’m more curious as we have very little information about it.

The archive events they have had in the game, are some linear boring mess that doesn’t convey any story at all. So the question is therefore whether or not they will manage to make a PvE style game of Overwatch that is more than a Call of Duty port. Call of Duty is probably the worst FPS genre there is currently, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of story. If they model their PvE after Call of Duty then the game won’t be worth 10$ even. I wouldn’t even contemplate it if they threw it after me.

The footage is from last month, and was a limited testing ground. Most of the features weren’t even finished and are subject to change. Hence why it’s an alpha, not a beta. Beta will likely be a little different. And vastly different before the game is actually brought to live as an official build. It’s a very long way from alpha, closed beta, open beta, and live.

Speaking of OW specifically.

Also, you shouldn’t be paying anything for the PvP part.

And I honestly don’t know what you were expecting. I mean, it is a new patch. The current engine was updated, which surely makes it way easier for them to implement fixes and changes.

I really don’t care about what is OW2 anymore.

All I know is that I’m not paying a penny for it. Period.

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Anyone spouting negativity wasn’t going to like it no matter what. I certainly wasn’t optimistic but I kept an open mind.

The gameplay footage from Kephrii with the vantage point further back spelled out to me how much the physics and graphics and flow has improved. He’s popping off I think more because of the improvements. It just looks easier to aim and more realistic.

These days it’s hard to notice and appreciate the visual changes in games but it was a needed update. Sure I’ll feel like I’m playing the same game more or less but it was showing signs of age, and that’s fixed. And any game I can compare it to looks bad. I don’t know how people play Valorant. It looks like TF1 by comparison to me, and nobody has captured the gameplay feel that appeals to a much broader audience. Everyone in my family plays together.

Nobody I know really wants the game to change too much. So the whiner demographic can talk about being right about whatever they want …it’s not important.

See PVP 2.0 as an update, just like the one we got when Role Queue hit live servers.

None since the “new game” term only applies to PVE. We’ve known this for a while.

Good thing you won’t since the 2.0 update is free. Blizzard will only charge you something for PVE which is likely to be blocked behind a paywall and it’s completely optional (unless you want to play PVE).

It’s free if you already own Overwatch.

At this point, if you don’t know this, you’re being actively ignorant.

Also, your entire opinion is based on footage of a technical beta, the purpose of which is really to test the updated engine and servers. There’s only minimal new gameplay content in there because there’s no need to show everything new right now.

There will be subsequent betas with more content, all of which will still be free if you already own Overwatch.

The main focus of OW2 is going to be the Story mode in terms of ‘new content’ (actual new content). That’s as much as we get out of what we know so far. All the multiplayer-related stuff, to me, seems to just be an update over the current game. The “sequel” part of this can only be the Story mode; otherwise, and it’s true, the ‘rest’ (new maps, new Heroes) was done before in OW1, cannot deny it.

I think most of us know that the original intention was for OW1 to be a sort of “Live” and continuously-updated game without the need of making a separate numbered sequel. They DID do that just fine for the first two years or so without much of a slow down to it. But then starting at around the 2019 mark (or late 2018) things started to slow down (it started with pretty much a year-long or so hiatus for a CGI short; and then they just stopped being made entirely) things slowed down progressively, but consistently.

Unbeknownst to us at the time they were actually working on the sequel already (initially most of us thought it was just a large update coming for OW1, that they would suddenly announce that they had been working on something like 2 or 3 new maps, and at least 2 heroes or something big like that). Then crap hit the fan so to speak with all the drama in the company, in the process of that revealing to us that the development of OW2 itself was in the depths of Hell and a lot of things had been asked out of the dev team but ended up cancelled, etc.

The point being that the original idea of OW was that it never was intended for this game to be ‘followed up’ by a numbered sequel, sold as a separate game. The Story mode, within the past 2 or 3 years COULD, technically, have been worked on and added later for the current game; the same goes for any new Heroes or Maps, etc. They could have probably also just released a big patch to update the engine itself if they had wanted to improve the visuals as well.

But the ‘damage’ is done, too much work has been done on OW2 to NOT release it as a separate game now I think. I do think so. At this point I honestly don’t believe that whatever they worked on for the past 3 to 4 years could simply be ‘injected’ into OW1 as a patch. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they COULD do it as an update. But they already advertised OW2 as… well, as Overwatch 2, the sequel, the separate game. They can’t just come out tomorrow and go “Oh guys, update; we’re cancelling OW2 as a numbered sequel and we decided to just update the current Live game!”.

Nah, won’t happen. It’s too late.

Now with all this said, I DO have hope that the Story mode for OW2 will be significant in scale and content. But here are my fears about the Story mode:

1) Probably won’t include even half of the cast (not on-screen anyway; many Heroes will be missing, or will just be mentioned by name a few times).

2) It might focus too much on ‘one side’ of the coin and not the other. Meaning that we’ll probably see things (and play as) the Overwatch’s Heroes point of view, and not from Talons, or heck probably not from other factions either (Omnics, etc).

3) The Story mode ‘structure’ worries me. If the “missions” are, in fact, just a series of smaller portions of already-known multiplayer maps where you do some basic things (like escorting a payload or similar to MP stuff) only following to short cutscenes every now and then… then I sincerely won’t understand what the whole point of this entire mode would have been for to start with.

4) Duration worries me, too. I hope no one here expects something along the lines of a Halo campaign here. I do think it’s going to be a pretty short Story mode. We might have a good number of actual missions. But cutscenes, actual Lore and characters development time on-screen will probably be very underwhelming (I hope I’m wrong on this one).

Ultimately, I fear that the Story mode will be a disappointment, and at THAT point, we’ll all truly and honestly feel like “OW2” could have simply been an update to the current game (maybe a big update sure… but an update nonetheless). That nothing offered by the new game ‘justified’ it being a sequel sold as a separate game. I do absolutely fear that that’s what’s going to happen. I hope not. But yeah… I have my gut feelings.

All these people complaining about Overwatch 2 being the same game, what did you expect an Overwatch 2 game to be? Like seriously, I think you guys want a game called Overwatch 2 to be a Minecraft clone or something. How about looking at other games and see what happens to those?

Is Sonic 3 a glorified sequel over Sonic 2? Is Tekken 7 a Glorified sequel over Tekken 6?

The arguments don’t make sense. Although characters can not be removed because it would make content owned by people unusable, and blizzard doesn’t want to do that, they did the next best thing by turning those same characters into essentially new heroes, because they were boring and didn’t work. Orisa is a new character. So is bastion and Doomfist. (I’m not including Sombra)

Admittedly, Zarya, Symmetra, Torb and Roadhog need changes too, but Overwatch 2 is an obious sequel. Anyone saying otherwise doesn’t know what a sequel is supposed to be.

The PvP, has never been characterized as a new game. It’s always been talked about in the terms of a sequel and/or an expansion. The PvE will be a completely new game. It’s only loosely based on the PvE events of OW1.