Overwatch 2 - Glorified Update

How much work does a PvP FPS game need to do to be considered a sequel then? What OW2 has shown so far is literally what all other FPS sequels have done before it, with some being much more bare-bones in terms of improvements.

Not to mention that this is only alpha footage we’re seeing right now. Go back to OW1s alpha footage and compare that to launch. What we’re seeing right now is far from the finished article.

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the reality has always been that overwatch “2” is all the updates we haven’t gotten since 2019 all at once. I had called this since the announcement trailer.
Yes, blizzard has left the game to rot so they could market a “sequel”

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I don’t know, in terms of this company’s current state of affairs, they don’t really have much going for them:

  • WoW: declining playerbase and discontent with lore and update decisions.
  • Diablo: a certain fiasco, with the new game being a coin toss.
  • Starcraft: MIA from main lineup.
  • HotS: practically in stasis.
  • Overwatch: success riding on 2.0 update.
  • Hearthstone: appears to be fairing well, but monetization is not as ideal compared to its competitor.

Aside from, maybe, Warzone, there’s not really much in terms of interest or long-term success with this company.


Fortnite’s “Save the World” mode (also known as OG Fortnite) costs about 10-15 dollars with different gameplay and story compared to its BR counterpart. It’s a DLC (techinically original game) that is worth the money, and it’s amazing that they didn’t just turn it to a different game as a whole.

Depends on the significance, though most of them are simply idiots (no offense, but still). There’s a reason why Tomb Raider 2 was such a step forward while Tomb Raider: Chronicles was a step backwards: Tomb Raider: Chronicles added nothing from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation; meanwhile, Tomb Raider 2 featured improved graphics, smoother gameplay, more advanced puzzles, and so on and so forth.

The problem is that instead of catering to the people actually spending money on games, the developers are interested in drip feeding the .0001% of players new content as to not overwhelm this. Aaron literally said this in his last developer update. They don’t want to release too much content at once because it’ll put stress on the overwatch league.


And unlike a lot of games, we don’t have to pay for this DLC.

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Unlike other games, it replaces the original (basic) game rather than complementing/extending it.

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PVE part. Its some sort of FPS Diablo they say

PVP part might become F2P at this rate

FIFA 2020 looks and plays exactly like FIFA 2021.
New Hitman looks and plays almost exactly like the previous Hitman.

If the sequel hardly resembles the previous game why even name it the same thing or it being a game in the same franchise.
Might as well it be a brand new game and not a sequel.

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I’m still wondering if they will still proceed with having the PvP a free upgrade. Has this been reconfirmed lately?

The PvP is basically a large update comparable to what we would get over 2 years but held off because of how synergistic it is.

The PvE is the new game which coincidentally is the part you pay for. The PvE is the campaign with a horde mode attached which certainly qualifies as a new game.

No, but seeing how battle-pass system dominates the market (Puny F2P battle royals make millions USD per day), and with rumors that OW2 has battle-passes… chances are high

That description fits what a sequel is.

an overpriced pve expansion with less unique characters as an update.

Replace as in “delete/overwrite the original”

Neither DLCs nor Sequels do that.
See the Witcher series
You have the individual parts (1,2 and 3) which are all related/build on one another, but are clearly separable from one another and are also very different technically. And then you still have the DLC for the individual parts, which expand the games but are too small to be a separate game.
Blood and Wine is an example of a DLC that could almost have been a standalone game.

The big difference to OW is that no sequel or DLC deletes the predecessor or base game and then replaces it.

I personally would call OW2 PvP a patch rather than a DLC.

In the end, it’s the same as in World of Tanks with 1.0, which switched to a completely new engine.
Some maps were removed, some of which came back later after an overhaul. But nothing has changed in the game per se except that it new graphics, new sound, new physics, new optical systems, etc.


Well, the new game is really supposed to be OW2 PvE, not OW2.0 PVP which isn’t even fully done and announced, remember they have hopefully at least 5 more heroes to add alongside Sojourn and at least 6-8 more maps to go throughout the betas cycle.

OW2’s PvP is not the main aspect. The PVE is, and before you say anything, in Blizzconline back in 2021, the specifically state how they were leveling up the bots to feel more threatening, challenging, and responsive. And let’s not forget the story mode, skill trees for each hero, brand new weather systems, blah blah blah. Although I think there needs to be WAY more marketing towards the PVE then there has been. Blizzconline is literally all we’ve gotten about the PVE so far.

And in my opinion, you can’t drastically change a game like overwatch without having the game loose it’s identity. What did you really expect to see to “warrant it a new game”? 5v5 drastically changing how the game plays, new heroes, reworks, new abilities and role passives, new maps, engine updates, and new graphical changes are essentially all you can really do to make overwatch feel “new”.

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No, not really. At 2019 the absolute bare minimum number of maps that they confirmed to have been planned was 10. We are currently owed only 9. Just as an example.

And then it’s not like we would’ve gotten two new core game modes. The engine wouldn’t have been updated. 5v5 would not have been pursued. The list goes on.

Sweetie… That’s literally what it is. An update to the team dynamics, program efficiency, prettiness, and kits.

Why do you think $50? Has Blizz ever used 50 as a price tag? It’s gonna be $40 for base edition and $60 for some collector’s edition.

Ain’t L4D about a squad of four fighting waves of zombies? That’s their plan for the PvE portion of OW2, so would probably have to wait for footage of that. Unfortunately, seems the PvE is not even gonna release with OW2 and you’ll just download it later if you’ve already bought OW2.

It is and it’s not. If you’ve already got OW1, you’ll just get new PvP stuff, but you can also buy OW2 which is like a big bundle of PvP and PvE. It’s technically good from a marketing point of view, keeping “1” as the pure “shoot others” game and “2” as a “story” game.

No. From the beginning that name was just to generate headlines of “OW is getting a sequel” in the media. It’s a story mode add-on (not even really an expansion pack) that they’re gonna sell like it’s a sequel.