Overwatch 2 - Glorified Update

So, more and more gameplay footage has been released, and so far, I’m impressed by none of it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool to see how different the game will play.

My only question is… what about any of it screams “new game”?
Here’s some IGN footage from yesterday:

Ignoring the crappy gameplay and cringy commentary, does any of this look like a new game? The hud is different, but minor adjustments have been made before in patches.
Different sounds effects? Again, have been done before.
New heroes and reworks? Do I have to repeat myself?

The engine seems to have been modified a bit, but it almost looks like the graphics were dumbed down slightly.

The closed beta is going to premier soon. If there is absolutely nothing to be seen that couldn’t have been made with a patch, well, why would I spend $50 for the same game?
I hope it does end up like a Left 4 Dead 2 story, where you’d think the game is a cheap cashgrab until realizing it’s even better than the original, but given a bunch of gameplay footage presented, I’m keeping expectations low.


I mean im pretty sure OW2 is mainly the PvE, as the PvP was always going to be a free update that came out along with the paid PvE update, wasnt it? I wouldnt really call this OW2


The PvE content that will come eventually.

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1.) You saw footage from the alpha that’s most likely drastically different from the beta
2.) You do not have to pay 50$ for the game. THE PVP part is free.
3.) In a sense, you’re right. the PVP isn’t a new game but rather what would’ve happened if devs continued to update OW1. But then again, it does feel drastically different from the original game.


Yeah as others pointed out the PvE side is being marketed as a new game,I’m not gonna say whenever or not that’s worthy of the title until we properly see it.

yea you dont have to spend any money for the new update. HOWEVER… they may change the monetization to battle passes instead of our current lootbox style. so yea there gonna try to milk us of $$$ somehow heh

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Custa said it in his stream yesterday that it’s less of a new game and more of a DLC.

The footage literally released yesterday, and the closed beta is premiering in about a week. Mind you, the word “Beta” in game development has almost lost all its meaning, now pretty much meaning “server testing”.

I love PvE, but given Blizzard’s experience with creating bots, what’s the selling point?

How would it feel “drastically different”? Again, while the hud and sounds are new, this is all simply visual and auditorial, things that actually seen minor updates in the original game.

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I know right?
It barely even qualifies as a big dlc let alone a sequel.

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The beta is going to revive the community but they really have to double down efforts in releasing OW2 asap so that it retains that momentum.

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They also made WoW/Diablo,and they even bought devs from those titles for OW2,they certainly have experience making PvE gameplay.

You are aware those are completely different genres and bots with different A.I., yeah?

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The “same game” is a free upgrade so you definitely shouldn’t pay $50 or someone is scamming you.

PvE is rather different from PvP so you are paying for something different if you choose to. We don’t yet know if it is worth the money since they have shown nothing from it.

But then why do people pay $50+ for version N of a game when it just looks like nicer graphics and some extra missions from version N-1 (far cry 5+6, every sim racing game, and 100s more which were just iterative updates which came as new games)?

No, that’s not true. The pros who are playing on the beta with completely different changes than ppl who played in the alpha. keep in mind, the alpha ended on April 1st. So it’s been over 20 days where the devs could’ve made countless changes

It might be hard to tell because you’re not actually playing the game but rather watching and hearing someone’s experinces of playing the game. So when we get the game, maybe your opinion will change

Yeah and they’re overhauling how OW bots function so I don’t see how that’s an issue.

Yeah the PvE is the new thing really.
Like If I had to throw a number, I am guessing resources/testing wise, the PvE part drains or takes 75% of the team’s job.

The PvP part after the maps are done and tested … all comes to skills and balance. If you are suggesting the time developing it is not justified you might be right, but not by much.

What changed is that Lijiang Tower looks absolute beautiful during sunset.

Isn’t WoW folding in on itself? Or at the very least, it took a massive nosedive in terms of quality.

Also, aren’t most of the people that made those games iconic long gone? The new guard hasn’t really shown much in the ways of improvement.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to pay anything.


I’m not big on other Blizzard IPs but they are certainly better with PvE than OW devs,they took devs from those games for a reason.