Overwatch 2 feels like a patch to Overwatch 1

I’ve been playing the beta for a few days now, and it really feels like a tuning patch on Overwatch 1, and not a new game.

The removal of CC abilities has really gutted a lot of the character of the game, and left it a faster paced more generic shooter.

I’ve been enjoying the new maps and the new robot push mode.

But otherwise it does not feel like a sequel, just a mild remake or a rebalance patch. I know we got 1 new hero, but in a brand new game or even a full sequel I’d expect a ton of new heroes, like 10. Most heroes didn’t even get a large revamp, just some light tuning (with a few notable exceptions). And some heroes got no changes whatsoever.


Yes, it’s a 2.0/expansion. We’ve known that since day 1


It feels like a step backwards in a lot of ways


Well it is only a “beta”. That being said, after playing OW2 for a few days, I’m wondering the same thing you are. I’m a bit torn at the moment.

This is only the first beta of multiple. The majority of the new content and features will be released with them.

At this point, it’s perfectly understandable that it doesn’t feel very much like a new game. I doubt the developers expected it would.

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I’m just shocked how little there really is.

Like I know they’re focusing a lot on the PVE stuff, but…really? Two plus years and it barely feels like any kind of change has actually happened.


Yeah it’s hard to believe they’ve been working on this for 3 years, and THIS is all they’ve done. lol


It is hard to believe that, because it’s not the case. Case in point: We’ve already seen work on three new maps that aren’t in this beta. One of which we literally saw being played.

They’re stretching the content and features out across the betas. Marketing is also a thing.


I get this feeling as well as many others, I think.

Still it is really early and this is just a PvP beta and one of many that will likely happen throughout the year. There’s a lot of things here that haven’t been implemented yet and a number of features just aren’t available. We still have a number of characters coming in the future yet to be announced.

Hopefully we’ll get some more information on where they plan to go with this beta in the next few weeks.

Could they not have spent the last 3 years stretching it out? Instead of zero updates? lol.

Am I supposed to be happy that they are back to SLOWLY updating the game again? They’ve had THREE YEARS.

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Hindsight is a thing. But also, marketing. Trying to get people hyped for content they saw years ago is difficult.

That’s a different conversation. Nobody said you had to be happy about it.

I mean, it’s mostly just a step back for Support players.

But that’s probably a solvable problem.

The point is I think a lot of people were expecting much more of an update than what was received. Sure, in the future they will keep releasing content. It just feels like for how long everyone has waited, we got very little.

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It basically is. It’s pretty much the content we would have been getting were it not for the hiatus to develop the PvE. Look forward to that. And new tanks and supports, whenever the hell we’ll finally see them.

No it’s not. The PvE campaign probably took up far more dev time.

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OWL is starting this week - why not release more stuff for this beta or even have done the beta months ago so that professionals can play on a game that had more data on it? Or even release OW2 fully before May 5th?

The fact that they are overlapping a beta with the (beta?) game being played professionally defies reason to me

OW2 pvp beta is the PART of OW2 that is least different from what we have now….so it’s not surprisingly very similar

The error is that everyone keeps calling it OW2….this is not what game was supposed to be

Yeah, I understand that fully. I personally think they should’ve released a new support hero or something.

The only reason I can think that they’re doing it like this is to gradually increase the amount of hype with each beta so it’s at its maximum by the release date. Also to ease us into 5v5 a bit more subtly than if they had just casually dropped 100 new heroes on us at once.

It is frustrating having to wait longer, for sure. But we can be assured that there is a lot more stuff coming.

Yeah, you’re totally right. Why didn’t they just release OW2 five years ago?

Aside from that, again it’s all marketing. If I recall correctly, the plan is to sync the beta releases with OWL. So we’ll get the new content in the betas, and then we’ll get to see the pros use it.

Not asking for that obviously. Just wondering why they would do their beta so close to it being played as a “beta” game professionally.

Sadly, this game has brought me less joy and hope than most of the patches for OW1. I remember getting excited with Kaplan’s dev diaries prior to every patch, and 90% of the time, the delivery matched the hype. OW2 is just one disappointment after the next.

The OW2 beta was a big royal opportunity to show us what they have been working on for 3 years while OW1 slowly died. And really, it apparently was not that much and definitely wasn’t worth the wait.

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