Overwatch 2 Competitive Play - Season 3

The competitive matchmaking is still broken. Overwatch must stop matching bronze/silver players with diamond/plat.

Also it doesn’t make sense to have gold tank against a diamond tank, or 1 gold 1 plat against one plat and one diamond, the roles and ranking should match too.


Dear Devs,
How many people need to say it. Your matchmaking is atrocious, and it is obvious to everyone. I have played this game since the beginning and it has never been like this (worse in season 3 now even more than the first two seasons). You deny a “loser’s queue” but your mmr system is effectively making every game an unenjoyable, unbalanced, and unfair match. You HAVE to have more closely skilled players on teams, even if that means longer queue times. The amount of boosted players is a significant problem. When I look at profiles, I have consistently seen top 500 and GM Ow 1 and 2 players face plat and diamond Ow 1 and 2 players. This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a pattern. Fix your game, it is not that hard.


Having played since release. For me Overwatch is in the worst place match-making-wise ever. I have never known it ever being this bad. Yay, super, I get a game instantly. I either get rolled 70% of the time or the other team gets rolled. Its terrible.


It’s unplayable. I’ve given up to be honest. a gold/plat team of randoms vs a masters/GM group was the last straw. The last of many many straws. I’ve only stayed this long because I remember the good old days when people knew how to actually play the game. Before role queue, before brig, that was Overwatch for me. I guess it’s just taken this long for me to finally realise those days are never coming back :frowning:


I also didn’t start lower this season, I also ranked up very fast and this has happened to some friends of mine as well. Is this a bug? Have I become better at the game all of a sudden? I have examples of friends who were hard stuck gold and are now Diamond. And the Top500 is only GM1 players atm, which is weird too considering season started 10 days ago.

Also, past season I was in gold, playing against diamond most of the time (I checked every single game) and this season I’m plat playing with/against gold and silver.

I understand MMR and SR are 2 different things, but the difference is noticeable imo.

I would appreciate some clarity about what is happening. I personally don’t know what rank I belong to anymore and what changes exactly passing from one rank to another…

I honestly think we should stop trying to figure out how it works, that even the dev team has no idea what they’re doing, and since it’s an early access beta test they just try different formulas, hoping to find the right one by luck and hazard.

Luck and hazard are also the only things you will have to rely on when you launch a ranked and hope to win it this time. Not the always useless and bad MM.

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That sums up the experience a lot of the time, yes.

Something about it seems very arbitrary. Almost as it just calculates a higher difficulty setting in the matchmaking when you climb, while blending players from every rank.

Had a game today where one of the dps had 0 eliminations for many minutes into the match, and eventually ended up with something like 6 elimns 15 deaths at the end. It was still a very close match and we could have won it, which makes it feel so weird. The match were sort of balanced considering it’s bizarre lack of balance between the individual players.

Am I supposed to have double the healing output compared to the best healer on enemy team while also being a dps to make up for our 6 -13 player that just stands in the open face-tanking damage while achieving absolutely nothing? Either Blizzard screwed up or he’s playing on someone else’s account. Considering how close the match actually were he probably wasn’t playing on someone elses account but duoqueuing.

I mean, part of me actually likes the challenge but the obscurity of the whole system makes it pointless and feeling like it’s just trying to screw you over.

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This game is so discouraging to play now. Trying to rank up is next to impossible and I got de-ranked with the reason that I abandoned a game when I did not abandon any game in that grouping. I got Dc’d ONCE, 20 games prior cause of lag, and served the penalty for that already. Why is that reason popping up again? I didn’t DC since then. OW, good job on sucking and making the in-game experience a horrid one. Not to mention you made sure players can’t contact you directly with issues. I hope this game dissolves and everyone stops playing. There are enough complaints.


I’m gonna be 100% right now

A few moments ago I won every comp placement didn’t have a single lost. Why am I being place bronze repeatedly It’s been like this since Season 2 in season 1 I had no issue but now I get placed lower than I had been in Season 1 even though I am still preforming the same as before. Like I want a genuine answer to this only because my friend literally can do the same as I would and rank higher?


You just lost one another player. Your comp is broken, it is even worse in this season. Thanks, but no thanks.


Why is it that when I have a streak of bad games and go say 3-7, get sent all the way down to silver 2 from gold 4? But then when I go on crazy win streak after 10 more games I get kept at silver 2 lol? Those 10 straight wins too just about all of them were super close games where if I made a wrong move we could’ve lost. The loss streak tho? Absolute steam rolled


Your game is absolute doo doo I’m sorry Blizzard corporate sucks just quit your job and let the game perish at this point lol


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Cassidy’s stun needs to be nerfed. His hit box is too big and it does way too much damage!! They have nerfed junkrat multiple times as he should bc his hit box for mines were way to big and the mine damage was nerfed. The issue now is Cassidy throws his stun and it is sometimes never even close to me and I still get stuck. And on top of it, it does over 100 damage. They are fixing the junkrat problem, but are enabling another character to be the same way. Also, he has 225 HP now. I give it half a year and everyone is going to hate Cassidy mains bc of how broken he becomes. Cassidy is a squishy dps so don’t make him unkillable. If he has a pocket he rarely dies! Please fix it before history repeats itself.


My ranking on Overwatch 2 on the tank is frozen and does not change, despite playing many very good matches, the ranking has been Bronze 4. 13 times in a row I have already counted Braz 4 and it does not change.


Please, Blizzard, make an efficiency rating already. Raise and lower the rating not by the games won or lose, but by your efficiency in the game. For example If a player in the role of dps runs by the end of the round 3 kills and 10 deaths, and 3000 damage, and his teammates win the game for him, he should not receive rating points. This player must lose points or stay in the same place. A lost or won game should simply increase the multiplier of mmr points gained or removed, but the main factor should be the player’s efficiency and its impact on the game. Situation a dps player with high kda and damage loses the game, he shouldn’t lose mmr, he must stay in position or at best get rating points but that player won’t get a multiplier from winning. Example (25mmr gain calculated on the basis of efficiency * 1.5 multiplier for win or /1.5 for lose) . This also works in the opposite direction. DPS player 3 kills 10 deaths 3000 dmg if he loses, he will receive a negative multiplier like everyone else who lost on his team, but due to the fact that his efficiency was low, he will drop even lower in the rating. If the efficiency of other players in the team also does not correspond to their rating in a particular game, they will also fall lower. This can be balanced for each role. This game is too team based but we play with random people every match. So, why we have to depend on our teammates which we see for the first time.

Also, this will make the game less toxic, players will no longer pay attention to how someone plays badly, write in chat or speak in a voice, swear and send reports. The efficiency rating system will do this for them and will fairly evaluate each according to the criteria. Everyone will care about own impact in the game, their wagering specifically for the choosen role. And there will be no such resentment for losing a game in which you did everything to win, but your teammates did not allow you win for some reason.


Exactly! The man is slowly losing the desire to play!

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I just witnessed a silver Tank game with Diamond and Plat players. As a support main, im not sure how hard you are expected us to carry a game to win but that aint it.

If you need to speed up queues do a 5v5 all dps comp.

There should be a smaller skill gap and a limit on how low a tank can be vs the higher player on your team or a match in rank vs the other team per player.

Since their is only one Tank having such a large gap with players skill is just ruining the fun of the game.

These low players just run into the enemy solo while everyone is sitting and waiting to group. Im not a top 500 player I cant carry a 4v5 every game.

I started keeping track of my wins and losses on monday. Its friday and im 23 and 20. That sure feels like 50/50 to me. Not to mention even when im wining i decay and sometimes when im losing i move up.

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That happened to me. When i finally climbed to broze 3 and then to 2 i won 5 in a role and it put me back to broze 4