Overwatch 2 Beta Twitch Drops Troubleshooting - UPDATED INFO

We just got screwed. We did everything right, just got unlucky. Stay strong brothers

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Serious suggestion: instead of going over all the users, why not just go over those replying in this thread first? It will make progress much more efficiently…


i have joined 7 hr gang, i was so young when this started

Yea just do this lol

im pretty sure that will do the job ngl

Just to be sure, did you check it again today?

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7 hours and still nothing. Everything linked before hand. this is unbearable. FrostMTD#2107

cant wait for the 4th ‘rerun’ to get all the people that ‘linked late’ despite being linked beforehand


Andy I still don’t have it and I definitely didn’t link my accounts late :frowning: 7.5 hour club here

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I’ve been linked for as long as I can remember

I checked before drops started, during, and after.

checked mine a hundred times on bnet and twitch and both are connected and I claimed at 5:15pm est.

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I love the idea of checking us in this thread

Yeah i’m in the same boat just unlucky i guess

Andy bby at this point just tell me who I have to send the pictures with proof to, the accounts have been linked since before the drop and I can send time stamped pics showing they’re still linked :weary:.

Heck, I’ll even send the timestamped confirmation emails stating they were linked.


7 hour gang are telling me to come with them they have candy

Everything is linked on both sides for me for years i get every drop normally but this time the Beta just dont show up and i claimed it almost 7 h ago

6 hours and counting. :frowning: Bearclaws#11760

Everything is linked.

still nothing zzzzzzzzzzz

Yeah I think there are a few people this is happening to. Myself included. Really disheartening when all my friends got in and I’m the only one left out. :upside_down_face: