Overwatch 2 beta testing goals: Uniting development with community

I actually think that’s one of the main issues. If it was like you get an extra week or two compared to a really long beta, I’d still think it’s not great.

But with the free version only having 4 days available, it becomes “you basically don’t get to use this beta unless you buy it.”

I’d be pleasantly surprised.

I’m happy there will be a partial rule-set for this phase of the beta, since I’ve been wanting this for forever to play with friends that are 1000 rating under me.

With regards to the new passive for the Damage Heroes, I can see a strategy/exploit where a player picks Sombra and leaves Translocator back at spawn, scout the enemy team, unload a clip into the enemy tank, and then head back home to swap off to another hero with that 30% ult charge under that player’s belt.

Removing the speed boost passive is for the best, but only Damage Heroes keeping 30% ult charge seems a tad awkward as the replacement. Seems more like a thing that should be a thing for all roles.

Still, can’t wait to check out the beta when it launches.

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Can I just say, I’m incredibly appreciative of all the communication we’ve gotten recently.
People may or not be satisfied with OW2 thus far, but it’s very refreshing to see so many Q&As, livestreams, and reports to keep the community in the conversation.


Maybe it will be in the future, if they can think of a better DPS passive.

Like maybe DPS get faster respawn timers. Or a speed boost as they exit the spawnroom.

I can totally see that, but only the future will hold that answer.

At the very least, it will be cool to see the new hero and all the changes that have been implemented since the last beta, so fingers crossed for this trend of open feedback continuing.

DPS having the most options (and theoretically most flexibility) should be punished the least for switching heroes. There’s way too much “I’ll switch after I use my ult”, only for that player to get d-dunked over and over and never actually use their ult.

If I had to guess they’re going to calculate the % after switching by a point cap, not raw %, so you wouldn’t be able to farm pulse bomb, switch, and be 30% of the way to death blossom or something. It’ll be $cost or 30%, whichever is lower.

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New DPS passive is painfully boring. It doesn’t impact the feeling of gameplay in any way, it’s rarely an active part of the match, and in fact you can routinely play entire matches with it never contributing.


It was in the reddit AMA. I think it was a Josh Noh response, though they didn’t specify what those changes might be. If you keep scrolling, eventually you’ll find it. Good luck. :sweat_smile:

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I think they wanted to make supports die a bit less without letting us know :wink:


Oh well.

DPS is still gonna be the class that the largest amount of people enjoy playing.

Support players couldn’t stand not being the most important role for 2 weeks in the first OW2 beta before they started losing their minds.
When what they felt is what the DPS class has been since OW1 released in 2016.


The current DPS passive is the only one that’s always “active”, in the sense that the player benefits from it at all times, in or out of combat, HP full or not full, being attacked or not, whether the enemy has CC or not. You always move faster.

Dps are crybaby and they give you everything, are spoiled, the OW Team has on a throne the dps (just like the tanks in OW2)…

Supports in a toilet.

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:laughing: It’s not that. The impact that +10% movement speed has on confirming kills is so negligible it may be immeasurable.

It’s more likely because Lucio, Queen and Fox Girl comps brought DPS heroes uncomfortably close to the +75% movement speed cap. An ulting Genji could possibly have hit the cap, though that’s pure speculation.

Another possibility is that they did this to address the many complaints about how difficult it is to aim in OW2, however we’ve already confirmed as a community that the aiming challenges in last beta were a technical issue unrelated to movement speed.


That DPS passive change sounds really bad, tbh.


Maybe they’re doing a mini test of this change being a global thing? Kinda weird we have a game about switching to counter but losing all your ult charge kinda goes against this.

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Hmm. Maybe. I always wondered why they didn’t just use a conversion factor between current hero ult cost and new hero cost when swapping. Maybe they found that it resulted in weird strats they didn’t like or something. :thinking:

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Ten four fellow whale

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Keeping up to 30% ult charge when you change heroes is insanely good, especially if you’re making a late-match swap and you need a head start on an ult like blade or EMP.


Power is meaningless if it’s not fun.