Overwatch 2 beta testing goals: Uniting development with community

Um? Is winning not fun?

Nah, disagree. Retaining some ult charge is fairly useless, and honestly kind of insulting to be the only role passive that doesn’t actually apply while actually playing the game.

It’s like a slap in the face compared to CC reduction and passive health regen. I mean my god both of those are god tier by comparison to either of the two garbage passives they’ve come up with DPS so far.


damage/dps speed boost removed? o man i guess sombra will really become slow poke rodriguez now :upside_down_face: well maybe flanking was too op, this should help supports?

also this will suck on the push maps… more of a walking simulator

Idk why they didn’t do that here? What’s to stop me from getting 31% ult charge on Tracer which you can get really fast and then swap to like Genji or something?

Nothing, but you’d almost certainly be throwing. It’s highly likely that you’d be wasting way more time than you’d save.

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Pulse bomb costs way less than dragonblade, so they’d transfer the points you earned as Tracer into Genji’s ult and cap it at the lower of 30% or the ult charge you accumulated previously. The only DPS with an equivalent ult to Tracer is Sombra, unless they nerfed EMP’s charge requirement in OW2.

Allowing DPS more flexibility to change heroes without wasting ult charge is useless? Making late game swaps to stall heroes with an ult lead is useless?

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Wait, wasn’t “Whale” a derogatory term for people who’d shell out huge monies on video game microtransactions and such? Are we trying to make that a positive term now?

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Designing a passive whose only value comes when swapping heroes is really bad. It may have some niche benefit near the end of a match, but there’s a pretty strong likelihood that the 30% wont matter much in these cases anyway.

Otherwise yes. Most players do not use their ult the moment they get it. You hang on to it for quite a while anyway, meaning getting it faster has pretty limited benefits.

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Wait, so the Damage characters can save their ult charge now (up to 30 percent or so)? That sounds like a great passive for Damage characters AND it promotes swapping.

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Playing is fun. If they added a button that triggered a guaranteed instant victory, would you have fun pressing it? Of course not, because it doesn’t contribute to the experience of playing the game. It’s not stimulating, and neither is a passive that’s irrelevant for 99%+ of playtime.

Tank and support passives on the other hand are active during the entirety of the midfight, providing continuous opportunities to play the game differently.

Even in terms of balance, the new passive is trash. It has a chance to never be activated during a match, while the other passives are guaranteed to be effective in approx 100% of matches.


For most heroes (especially supports), it’s Q.

I may well be in the minority, but I’m still if the mind that Role Passives are not the way to go. A lot of the cast plays radically different, even within their respective roles. Especially the damage role. It’s not like a given hero can swap roles anyways, so the role passives offer no strategic choices.

Just give everyone Out of Combat regen, lower non-elim ult gain, and keep hero specific passives.

I’m talking about a button that jumped right to the victory screen, bypassing the match completely.

Another major issue is that the DPS passive rewards failure while failing to facilitate skill.

Who benefits the most from it? The players dying the most. Who benefits the least? The players performing great who have no need to switch, and thus effectively have no role passive whatsoever. It’s an indisputably bad design that bolsters counterswapping and assists the lowest performing players in the match.


Idk if I understand right but from the wiki Tracer ult costs 1260 and Genji is 1932. So Tracer 30% ult charge would be like 20% for Genji. So swapping as Tracer at 30% would give you a bonus 10% with Genji. Not sure how practical this is or how often it will ever be used in a game.

Actually Echo has a longer ult charge than Genji (why blizzard :sob: ) at 2254. So does that means the 30% charge for tracer is actually 17% for echo. You’re gaining +13% ult charge on that switch.

That’s actually not that bad.

Sounds like if you picked heroes that sucked on the first team fight, that you can then swap with zero penalty.

Also I could see a meta strategy developing where players choose a fast Ult charging hero, and then swap at the 30% mark.

Tell that to the tank passive lol.

Giving less ult charge is powerful, sure, but it contributes exactly 0% to your gameplay.

The knockback thing also really isn’t much of a big deal imho.

Yeah, if they do it purely on a points-accumulated basis, with a cap of 30% if you were to swap at full charge as Tracer. 17% of the way towards the strongest DPS ult is still insanely good value, especially if you had to switch anyway.


*Sigh. Daily reminder that tanks don’t have CC reduction, they have displacement reduction.

Do you want to know how many non-tank heroes have ANY significant source of knockback?

  1. Ashe, Junk, Pharah, Brig, Lucio.

And of those, Lucio’s is really the consistent threat. Brig’s is somewhat of a threat, but Ashe, Junk, and Pharah are more likely to use theirs for self-displacement than anything else.

Idk why people seem to think this change is “god-tier.” 9 games out of 10, it wasn’t even a factor when playing.

You want mobile phone tied to B-net to play this. No 2x20 dollar bills for u!

You want to stop smurffing. Have a conversation with the community and I suggest watching 3 seasons of breaking bad. and “better Call Saul”.

(SNAPS PHONE in HALF, signs up for another account, enters competitive. )


This DPS passive seems like a nice addition. It could make it easier to swallow when your opponent is dominating you with a hard counter, so you have to swap. However, I see no reason that this shouldn’t be a roster wide ability.

Give it to everybody, and make it 100% of ult based on how long it takes to charge. No more, “Ok I know I need to swap but I’m at 80% ult so let me just drag this out for two more fights.” Instead people can feel confident swapping freely.

DPS can have a different passive.