Overwatch 2 beta testing goals: Uniting development with community

Overwatch 2 beta testing goals: Uniting development with community

The upcoming Overwatch 2 Beta is among us, and the team is incredibly excited to welcome players on Xbox and PlayStation and bring Junker Queen, Rio, and multiple balance changes to our players.

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Great tack for the DPS “passive” btw, can’t wait to see it in action. Counting down the days to flex my “whale” purchase of the Watchpoint pack… :wink:

Remember folks; whales ignore guppies…


Can’t believe Impostor is the new support


I’d love for the competitive rules to be used in Quick Play.


Impatient to play the respawn simulator role!!! (where the only supports getting changes are brig and moira, awesome, speechless), rename support to dps punching bag and tanks.


The team is currently ideating, designing, and testing some new abilities we can give existing Support heroes

Might I suggest these changes to Ana. Where it keeps the power and aesthetics of her abilities. But makes them less problematic. Especially since this current Beta is supposed to be showing off Junker Queen. Where all indications are that Ana will make the Queen into a joke character.

Sleep Dart

  • Maximum sleep duration unchanged at 5.0 seconds
  • Initial Stun duration (I.e. Falling down animation) reduced from 1.0sec to 0.5sec
  • Wakeup Stun duration reduced from 0.5sec to 0.1sec

Biotic Grenade (AntiHealing Effect)

  • Duration increased to 4 seconds, up from 3 seconds
  • Blocks 100% of healing received on affected enemy players.
  • Blocked healing is stored as “Purple Health”.
  • “Purple Health” does not prevent death.
  • When the AntiHeal effect is over, all “Purple Health” is converted to normal health.

Where is the source for Brig ult buffs I can’t find it

Wait… it the beta currently live?

(Starting to suspect Overwatch 2 Beta on Xbox that I bought might be fake.)

Well, I don’t think the beta is live… confused by the wording.

Quick play with offense and defense sounds nice, consider keeping that in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Im dead lmao :rofl:

It all makes sense now: su(s) port

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God forbid the hero without utility is getting some utility.


… as long as they’re willing to buy our skins to get guaranteed access, that is.

Oh well, at least the new DPS passive looks infinitely less frustrating :+1:


Video game development costs money, and they aren’t going to get the budget to make good content if they didn’t have a business plan to get more money.

It’s a business, not a charity.

Besides which, if you don’t pay a single penny more starting now, you’re going to get every piece of PVP Gameplay Content, for free.


Wait, so Genji and Tracer get to keep the speed they already had or have they been pointlessly nerfed again?

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Good question.

Although flankers did get a bunch of indirect buffs with all that CC removal.

And devs are probably making this change specifically to avoid OW2 Supports feeling like “Flanker Food”.

Overall, Genji/Tracer are extremely iconic to the game, so I doubt they would want them to end up feeling bad to play.

That said, the movement speed changes would probably screw with a bunch of muscle memory for Tracer/Genji players. Assuming that happens.

The DPS passive is now unquestionably the worst passive as its not always active like the other 2 classes.
Basically its only useful when players make a hero change. And the way most people play OW, they rarely change heroes. So the DPS gets a passive that wont be used much.

Keeping 30% ultimate charge should actually be a global passive to encourage hero swaps.

DPS should get something else like: 10-20% faster reload for all DPS heroes.


I remember when QP use to play both attacking and defense. For some reason, when role que was implemented it also disappeared. Hopefully it sticks around for OW2 (and maybe, if they really loved us, implemented back into OW1)

Oh, I’m actually fine with battle pass, paid cosmetics, and all the rest.

More just that you don’t actually get into the beta unless you buy the watchpoint packs. Like, “We’re excited to welcome everyone to this beta!”

“If you buy our skin pack.”

Yes, everyone gets in eventually, but imho it’s pretty low to monetize a F2P game’s beta.


I mean, the tank passive of “generates less ult charge” doesn’t actually offer anything to the person playing tank. And the “takes less knockback” isn’t exactly used that often either.

I actually think in higher ranks, being able to pivot more easily will have a pretty big impact on the DPS role.


I’m okay with that. Early access is way better version of FOMO than no access unless you pay. (Or grind like crazy)

I just think it’s a bad choice to have the free access run out 4 days after it starts.

Instead of having nearly guaranteed free access start on July 14th, and end on Monday July 18th.

It should end on Monday July 25th. So people actually get a reasonable amount of playtime. (And also provides a nice second wind for active playercounts)

Also, I’m expecting more “access through streams” stuff.