Overwatch 2 Beta - Known Issues

Overwatch 2 Beta

Known Issues

  • Some hero skins may appear twice in the hero gallery
  • Investigating connectivity issues with PS5
  • Sprays are not appearing on some objects
  • Several Issues/Bugs with Golden Weapons
  • Controller Rumble is not present for all of Junker Queen’s abilities
  • Sombra’s “undetected” highlight will sometimes not play during Play of the Game
  • Some Zenyatta skins are missing coloring
  • Players can clip through or jitter when changing directions while Ice Wall spawns
  • Multiple heroes may have outdated hero tips
  • Baptiste’s Exo Boost may occasionally hitch
  • Some assets may not load during play of the game or kill cam
  • On certain GPUs enabling both Dynamic Render Scale and Vsync can cause visual quality degradation
    • If affected, consider disabling either Dynamic Render Scale or Vsync
  • There’s a chance client will crash on startup
    • One past startup, the client shouldn’t crash

With this beta, I’ve noticed the ‘Screenshot Quality’ setting doesn’t do anything anymore meaning a lot of us can’t check out the New Looks in 4K!

As a designer, just wanted to put this on your radar! Small community I know, but pretty heavily affected by this!


Perhaps add that mercy’s new ga makes mercy superjump away when she tries to reach a dead soul to rez a teammate.


Cannot accesss the beta at all on PC. It crashes after start-up after 2-3 minutes of playing.


Several skins in OW1 I have are not unlocked in OW2


Looking in the direction of the payload on escort or hybrid maps also drops the FPS on old gen to around 30fps.

As well as pings hitching the frames.

  • Xbox Series X powering off on entering/exiting map. (Maybe only when grouped)
  • Roadhog ult not working. Character model does the animation, but no projectiles displayed and no damage/knockback done.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but whenever using Genji’s Deflect, the animation for putting away blade is given

You need to actually hold the shoot button down with roadhogs ult now, its no longer automatic.

This was changed in a patch last beta.

I cannot play the beta at all. It freezes and crashes right when I load into a quick play match and it only happens with quick play.


If it hasn’t been mentioned already, the “Leave As Group” functionality is currently not functioning. Attempting to Leave as Group will result in you leaving the group entirely, regardless of button pressed.

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Another issue is none of my progress transferred to the beta from Overwatch 1. It is like I have a brand new account; no skins, highlight intros, emotes, nothing. I know there are others with this issue as well.

Nortification/Private message sound is played whenever people use voicelines or ult-charge or anything, plus it’s causing stutters whenever people do that(literally any time a voice line is played it stutters)

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I have the same issue. Specifically it seems like all my recent anniversary skins are missing in OW2.

There’s a major issue, LATAM servers are down

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Tracers alliance and horde banner emotes are also missing.

Edit: Seems like various cosmetics/skins/emotes are missing for some heroes. I own every skin in the game yet some are seemingly not accessible now?

Fix this immediately.

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I am having an issue where whenever a teammate uses the thank you/hello/etc. or any message gets sent into the chat, it plays the sound as if a friend has logged on. don’t know if this is just a bug or if there is a setting. makes it very hard to play the game since it’s just that sound being played a million times a match! thanks in advance for the help

The sensitivity settings only go up in increments of 10. The default was 15. Because i have it on a multiple of 10, i can no longer set it to any multiple of 5. It should be going up in increments of 1 like in OW1. I also found what appears to be an inconsistency. My sens on OW1 is 32/32 but in order to get the same feeling, i’ve got it on 20/20 in OW2.

Some elements of the communication wheel do not function. For instance, you cannot say “Fall back” when selecting it.

On Playstation, you cannot invite friends because all your friends appear as offline.

I have a bug with Widowmaker and Symmetra where i cannot crouch despite having toggle crouch bound. It only works if i rebind it and trying to bind it back causes it to no longer work again. I also have this bug in OW1 as well and have had it for a very long time.

In OW2, it appears the unbind command doesn’t work. I keep hitting square but nothing happens.

Sometimes during matches, there are significant frame drops.

Some skin specific effects are absent. The unique sound effect for Comic Book Tracer’s melee doesn’t play


Like others, the game has now started to hard crash once loaded into a Quick Play game. Runs fine in Training grounds, but when I join QP it hard crashes at character select or about 30 seconds to a couple minutes in game. By hard crash I mean I can’t even access the task bar, I have to sign out to close the application. I’m on a 1070 GTX and this is the only game this happens on. GPU temps are only like 68C, so no over heating or anything. I’ve done scan and repair and I’ve reinstalled.

Weirdly enough, this is a new issue that started later on in the day on 6/29. Yesterday everything was working smoothly with no issues, even this morning was fine. It only just recently started this hard crashing on load up.

EDIT: Okay so what fixed it for me was updating my NVIDIA drivers to the 6/28 update, which i didnt even know there was one. Previously I was on a 6/15 update, but since going to 6/28 the games been running fine. I had about 7-8 games no problem. I’ll see if it sticks though, as everything was fine day one launch of the second beta.

EDIT 2: Problem is back at it again, even on the latest driver. Worked for a few days but now I’m back to freezing anytime I load into a QP match. W11 x64.


Xbox controller disconnects randomly. I’m on Xbox series s, i also know its not my controller it works fine on other games.