Overwatch 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no info and PvE and that’s the most important part
Are they seasonal? Are they permanent? Is this a separate game mode like what was promised in 2019? What about hero progression?

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Ok so what happens if I buy the Watchpoint pack on my main account that’s permabanned? It still doesn’t say anywhere if I’ll be able to play my account in OW2 since it’s a new game and I’ve been asking for an answer for months now…

They do, they’re just spreading them out for their new monetization model.

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Yes and thats a big reason to be mad about.

Well then be mad, I guess. Won’t change anything.

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Really good question

“A. Beta access does not roll over from the previous Overwatch 2 PvP Beta.”

Gotta pump up those twitch numbers for a day or so, huh? It looks good on the slideshow.

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Hmmm? I don’t think they’ll charge for heroes. Did they say they would?

9 week seasons means need new content every 9 weeks and you get early access to new heroes with battlepass purchases which to me says they will probably try to stagger new hero releases to coincide with new seasons/battlepasses.


So… even if this is true, if you buy the watchpoint pack, do you get beta access for both platforms?

What does rhe region have to do with anything? I just want to play as Junker Queen. I don’t have any right, just because i was born in Russia? Oh, excuse me, Ru**ia.


That’s a good question and I do not know.

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but i paid 0$ for every hero since ana as well.
and that doesn’t account for the three years of wait and the “pushing 40 heroes” spiel

will current currency going to be reset to default?

Early access is still a launch… there is no excuse for this.

So what happens if people that purchased the beta exceed the “projected maximum server capacity”?

It isn’t though? It’s not even close to the full game.

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Will Cross-Play be supported for this Beta?

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Yes. That is their main goal for testing this beta.

No Nintendo Switch Beta, huh? Can’t say that I’m surprised, although I am a bit disappointed because I would have signed up for that instead of PC this time around.

Speaking of which, is OW2 even still coming to the Nintendo Switch? I know it’s been years and the Switch’s hardware was behind to begin with, so it won’t surprise me if it has been quietly cancelled at this point.