Overwatch 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to say that, then there will probably never be a “full game” until several years down the road when they stop updating it.
This is the launch of OW2 PvP.

Do players need to own OW to access the beta (if granted access). I have a few friends who don’t own OW, but I think this beta would be a great way to get them hooked! Didn’t see this in the FAQ’s

Correct. So unless you start ponying up thousands for them to work faster, we just gotta wait >_< Again, get what you pay for. You paid $60 at launch, they gave you free stuff ever since and apparently will keep doing that.

Good news, friend. If you want more than four days of access, you’ll probably have to pony up the cash this time around instead of “watching” a stream for four hours, unless you win the lottery of the free sign-up. :slight_smile:


What I’ll do is ignore it until the actual game comes out. There’s a thousand other games to play that aren’t a half baked beta


It’s early access for OW2. The PvP of which is just half or less than half of what the full game will be. Stop giving it your own definition to suit your argument. They called it EARLY ACCESS for a reason.

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Don’t ask questions, just consume product and get excited for next product.


But you’ll get the battlepass as well! No, no-one knows what that actually contains. Wow, not willing to buy something in blind faith? Well, okay, what if they throw in some Itchy and Scratchy bucks?


So do you get a discount if you already bought the legendary version of OW, or are you still stuck paying full price for some skins and a guaranteed extra 3 weeks of beta?

What is the battle pass for? (Any info on this that I’m missing?)

And how does the OW2 currency work?

If you want people to buy your product, they should know what they’re paying for. :thinking:


It is early access only because the PvE is missing. Its the full release concerning PvP.

three years of wait for a sequel and they gave us very little for it. Being f2p counts little, the pvp part was always meant to be a patch. And don’t forget they showed sojourn and 4 more hero silhouettes while claiming “by the time ow2 launches it will push 40 heroes”

yes, so people would defend it

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Will Overwatch Origins Edition skins (Strike Commander Morrison, Blackwatch Reyes, Security Chief Pharah, Overgrown Bastion, Slipstream Tracer) become unattainable after OW2 launch as a way to reward players that bought Overwatch 1 by letting them show off amazing skins to say “I was here before free to play”?

It doesn’t matter. The PvP alone is NOT Overwatch 2. Overwatch 2 is the WHOLE PACKAGE of PvP and PvE. Only when the PvE joins the PvP as playable content will OW2 leave Early Access.

Before the end of 2022, Overwatch will have 36 heroes.


“Overwatch® 2: Watchpoint Pack”

Include the PvE when it’s released? or I don’t understand why this costs a whopping $40

you forgot the “at launch” part but i bet you believe blizzard when they said “early access”

On behalf of those of us who want Beta Invites, I sincerely thank you. It annoys me when folks who sign up really aren’t into it and will just drop it after a single play session, assuming they ever even get around to playing at all.

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Again, because it’s not launching until 2023. This isn’t a difficult concept, guys. You wanted content early, they did that for you and still you cry. The entire game wasn’t gonna launch until early 2023 with all the stuff, but you guys cried and cried and whined and whined “OW1 is dying, we’re so bored, give us something, anything” and that’s exactly what they’re doing and still you cry. Ridiculous.

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that’s a nice strawman.
And you literally used the “it’s early access” excuse.

I must admit - I love your response - xd