Overwatch 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions

Overwatch 2 Beta Frequently Asked Questions

The next Overwatch 2 Beta is on its way and will include console support, Junker Queen, and Rio—a hybrid map that’s home to Lucio’s “Clube Sinestesia!”

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Good to see a blue post on this.


Thank you for sharing this but I would love to see the beta come to MacOS.

If I may ask: will the beta on PlayStation require PS Plus subscription?

Also I accidentally signed up for the wrong platform is there anyway I can change it now?

Also I don’t currently have a PlayStation account linked to an account that I signed up for. Do I need to make a PlayStation account right now?


I dont want to be a hater, but we waited for years and we get 3 heroes on launch?? I feel scammed.


Ehh you can hate, just realize unlike OW1, with OW2 you’re paying $0 for these heroes and the game overall. So you get what you pay for, you pay nothing you wait.


more quickplay only. so boring.


Many players already have the version of overwatch 1 legendary edition. Will there be a discount on the OW2 watchpoint package? Will the Cassidy and Soldier: 76 skins be EXCLUSIVE to the watchpoint pack?


You can only tell if this is good value for money on three factors

  1. How much will the battle pass cost once OW2 starts
  2. How much of a grind is it to earn 2000 in game currency - assuming its diffterent from ow1
  3. How much to theses legendary skins cost in game ( how much real money it cost if any)

The prooblem is how can we assume it worth buying when we don’t really KNOW it’s value


1 new hero and a map we saw 10 months ago. Yayyyy. So much Content!!!


If you have a pc acc that owns ow, and is connected to a console acc that owns ow, if you buy the ow2 watchpoint pack will it count for both linked accounts across both platforms?

It says in the article:

This next phase of testing is slated to begin June 28 at 11:00 a.m. PDT and run until July 18. Please keep in mind the end date may be extended based on what our testing needs are at that time.

We get 3 heroes on Early Access. Launch won’t be until PvE is ready in 2023 and by then we’ll probably be at 5 or 6 heroes.


They dont have to finish the PvE missions for a hero to release them for PvP.

lol, I skimmed it and didn’t notice.

I assumed it also wasn’t there based on people in the other thread about it talking about it possibly running until release since it didn’t say.

Oh well!

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If only if did run for longer. :weary:

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Anything about the Watchpoint Pack having a different version for OW1/Legendary edition owners? Kinda awful to repay full price for OW1:Legendary (origins back then) just to have the rest unlocked…

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So you want us to pay $30 if we wanna play the beta for more than 4 days? How about you stop making everything worse all the time.


According to their statement, all content will be seamlessly accessible on all platforms, so probably yes. Though you’ll probably only get 2000 credits total rather than 2000 on each account.


Nobody said that. 3 in October, a new tank in december, that makes 4 new heroes in 2022, and then more new heroes in 2023 as well as PvE.


Yes, but they have more heroes ready for PvP. We are waiting for years. Assuming the same pacing during OW1 they should have at least 6 heroes ready.