Overbuff lifetime funny statistics

I know iam late to the party but still i found only like 5 threads about this ever, so i believe many may not know about it.

If your write /trivia behind you overbuff profile you will see cool stats, for example you can see how much you play as females or how many legendaries dupes you got etc.

Check it out!


13 bad plays of the game…

I want to know what these are now.

I examined it further and overbuff confirms that some numbers are 100% real and they got access from Blizzard into it, however people say that few are just jokes, like kaplan mashups watched.

what do you mean by writing it behind my profile, in the url?

90 AFK Turret kills, I’m so proud

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Overbuff/players/platform(fill)/yourID(fill)/trivia :).

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thanks! Lets see what ive got

edit: 322 hours in the loading screen…

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I have 1700… its fine…

Its not just loading screens, its all your time in ow turned on when not playing a hero.

My guess, i dont think there is a confirmation.

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1800 hours on loading screen here, which is extremely good considering I have 670 hours played in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you think its legit? That you had ow turned on for that many hours?

It seems legit but at the same time its a lot.

Well, with 1800 hours in loading screen and 670 hours played, we’re up to 2470 hours in total. Overwatch was released 24th of May 2016, which leaves us 737 days up till today. So that’s average of 3 hours and 35 minutes over Overwatch, each and every day.

I mean, it IS possible, but highly unlikely :stuck_out_tongue:

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77% chance of going pro

You here that people? I’m a pro player now! OWL here I come!

(also some stats are pretty ridiculous. Like my 23 deaths from lag. Or my 1 Kaplan Mashup watched. Or the 2,188 Lucio Bounces I have done)

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I think female playtime, frozen headshots or requests for healing could be easily legit; some are estimated jokes probably.

1600 :joy:, makes sense because Torb is my eating hero, when i eat, i go torb :smiley:

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23 players reported… but I haven’t reported a single player? :joy:
Also, 364 enemy plays ruined. I feel so evil :smiling_imp:

If you truly never reported a player, atleast we know that this is a joke stat :smiley:

“57% chance to go pro.”

All credibility this had just went out the window. XD

3706 Doritos Eaten

What is this site and why do I feel like I’m being judged?

those are a joke, not your actual stats

Some of these are real, female hours played is confirmed real, other may be estimates by your averages.

52% chance of going pro ESSKITIT i’ll see ya’ll in OWL