Overbuff lifetime funny statistics

12 teamfights missed

Ok, I’m 100% sure that stat’s possibly true since I actually keep missing alot of team fights.

I have 76 angry hero switches, 167 Doritos eaten, 4 bad POTGs, and 13 deaths from lag.

Does it look like they’re two empty spot for anyone else?

3 bad jokes told… :thinking:

If you didn’t do something specific, then it won’t show up. Like players reported. Or chance of going pro.

Also fun fact: If you look up the profiles of the players in the OWL and go onto their Trivia, you’ll see each and every one of them has a “100% chance at going pro”

What do you have to do to get the ‘chance of going pro’ stat?

Be gud at the gaem :smiley:

Or become a OWL player

Or have ridiculously fast reaction times like me