Orisa is not OP, but annoying

She just has WAY TOO MUCH CC, from the POV of enemy tank. Seriously I don’t understand why blizz thinks that boops are more acceptable. She has three boops and one of them is a stun and a second is a snare! They should have made her gun a junkrat grenade launcher so that even her primary could boop!

No but seriously does no one else find her annoying? She’s not OP, not asking for nerfs.


It´s her entire thing, being able to CC, since is the only way she can try to protect her team. She can´t spin you if you´re not close and spin does like, 1 damage. Spear is good but takes aim and skill

There are way more annoying tanks, like hog


They took CC out of every other role in the game, I’d like at least one hero in this game to do some form of it. Not to mention, Hog and Ball are just as annoying, if not more so, than Orisa.


More annoying tanks like sigma and zarya. Orisa is fine, she is relatively slow with a massive hitbox. Her ult is garbage, her abilities are not too strong. She is in an okay spot.


I should clarify that I’m a dva/junekrqueen twotrick. So from the POV of JQ she’s soooo annoying :rofl:

Isnt that every tank that isnt doomfist for junker queen though?

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Yeah she **** on doom and ball sometimes too, it´s annoying but it can be dealt with

I have fun against every tank. Only orisa and rein sometimes give me trouble. I crashed from plat 3 to silver 2 and climbed back to plat, so my JQ is actually getting cracked. I will be so annoying when the buff drops on dec 6

She can definitely get irritating but honestly her survivability is more annoying than her cc imo


There are more problematic heroes than Orisa.


I said she ain’t op. Just venting.

She’s definitely annoying. Never felt like a beach ball against her as Ball.


It does more than that.

Spear is great for interrupting ultimates.

Not really. Not anymore or less than Doomfist or Wrecking Ball. That said, they are rather frequent, but I suspect if they upped the cooldowns Orisa might become a lot less effective or useful.

It is one of the strongest and most damaging ultimates in the game right now.

Well, Queen and D.va are more aggressive and damaging Tanks than Orisa. Tanks tend to fall into three or four setups. The Bruiser setup (Queen, D.va), Classic Tank (Reinhardt, Winston, Sigma), Controller (Orisa, Wrecking Ball), Rounded (Zarya, Doomfist, Roadhog).

Of course, all the Tanks can fit in all of the above and have abilities that would situate them in all of those setups, but for most Tanks, they tend to “lean” into one of the above, with the last being less leaning into specifics and more general resilience, control, and damage.

Technically Doomfist should be doing a lot more damage, but he’s got some issues right now.

Ramattra is still up in the air, but given he’s two forms and dynamics, he’d probably fit into two of the above; Bruiser and Classic Tank. Have to wait and see.

as long as they don’t give her stun bullets I think we’ll be ok (even though she’d be kinda insane since thats the only part of her kit that lacks CC)
And I’m actually fine with current Orisa - she is the only thing that can keep Hog in check along with Ana (when Kiriko is not in play) now that Mei freeze tool is gone.

Me when Orisa hits fortify and I get stunned + rooted in place: :scream:


ikr right. getting spear blocked into a corner is literally the worst thing in this game, being able to do nothing as she just stares at your soul and throws a javelin in your face. awful to play on receiving end - but fun af when you are the Orisa

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That is a joke right? Orisa is competing with doomfist for worst tank ult.

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True, best counter against orisa big time are Zen

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All tanks except Doom and Ball need a nerf

Or just damage boost in general, she is big and slow. Roadhog has the same issue, and winston is a bit knee-capped by it.