Opinions on Scatter vs Storm?

as much as I like them getting rid of one-shots I thought Pulse Bomb’s nerf was totally unnecessary. It’s an ult. Same with the nerf to storm arrow tbh, it’s an arrow to the face- maybe it should be able to kill the lowest hp heroes in the game?

Storm Arrow simply solidified Hanzo’s kit in defensive roles. Now he exerts a more tangible zone of control. The arrow speed increase, seems to be the buff that makes him so oppressive, as people now have to deal with faster projectiles.
Scatter used to be the weapon to rout out emplaced enemies, but was used as a troll kill.
Giving him damage falloff makes him somewhat useless at range, yet he is a medium to long range defence hero. Between the arc drop and the honestly unpredictable arrows at range, you need alot of damage output in recompense.

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Brig caused dive meta to initially break. People did not know how to counter her, or use that as a segway back into dive leading to Rein/Zayra instead. Once the Hanzo changes came through the increase in consistent firepower, the massive burst of storm arrows, and the faster charging ult as a result lead him to being the goto DPS to combo with Zarya. Not only that even if Brigitte was removed from the comp it did not matter.

Storm Arrow’s power allows him to easily mulch a Winston, and the added mobility of Lunge would allow him to prevent things like barrier dancing from being useful.

Against D.Va it was much the same. It was really easy for him to bait out DM, the added mobility made it much easier for him to evade her combo. Once Dm was out of the picture Storm Arrows to the center mass allowed him to simply delete D.Va’s mech.

Without the dive tanks being viable options against him he reinforced dive as a bad choice. Which in turn made the flankers a lot less viable.

This also conveniently meant that 2 of the counters to Dragon Ball were not viable. The third could be dealt with by just applying damage boost so that the effective healing is neglible in the face of the team lending more damage. Including Hanzo unloading storm arrows into the clump.

Storm, now he at least looks you in the eyes as he kills you. It’s much better than watching him shoot at your feet.

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Your point about Brig is that she’s disrupted the meta by being a new variable. But then you go on to say that “if she was removed from the comp it did not matter,” yeah… exactly my point. Her existence has no bearing on Hanzo’s rise except maybe the occasional armor pack.

Regarding the tank match-ups- All off those match-ups are still toss-ups. D.va can fire missiles through matrix if she’s getting baited and I think you’re really underestimating how quickly Winston melts 200hp heroes after landing a jump-punch (no punch needed prolly)

All of this is just to say that Hanzo isn’t a hard counter to Winston or Dva like Brig is to Tracer. There’s still a lot of room for skill and error to decide the match.

Maybe if he was being played at range. Like I said above, he’s using Spam Arrow like Tracer uses Pulse Bomb.

Hanzo is not a sniper. Apparently.

Completely agree, at most ranks she’s more of an annoyance rather than a real problem or ‘OP’ hero, unless she was being played by a smurf. The nerf doesn’t feel like it changed much of any of that, just makes her arbitrarily weaker against tanks.

There’s no explicit mention of burst here, just high damage which is what his primary fire was always capable of; these changes which also applied to his primary fire improve the reliability of it.

Or just roughly towards your chest for it to count as a headshot.
Or anywhere that could maybe cause a breeze near McCree’s hat for that matter.

He still has the most forgiving aim for a sniper-based kit.

Projectiles are supposed to be more forgiving than hitscan because travel time

Notice how every single complain is about how it can kill tanks.

Tanks are not meant to be unkillable gods. If their defenses are down they are meant to die. That is the whole point of them having defensive abilities.

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The projectile speed of his arrows is lovely isn’t it?

Again, he’s played as a mid-range character and with the buff to the arrow’s speed, you only have to lead as much as a Zen would with way more damage output.

Scatter was cheap instant-kill garbage. There was literally no reason why should a normal ability on cooldown be able to instantly kill Tanks and everybody else on the roster. Also sometimes he can kill you with it even if he shot it nowhere near you

Storm Arrow sure he can quickly melt you, but at least he has to actually shoot you in the body and you have time to react.

All of Hanzos dmg was burst. His primary and scatter both was burst. What other high damage could they mean?


You’re right, they’re not meant to be unkillable.
But with an ability on a short cooldown that can halve their health in a couple of seconds, what’s the point in being a tank?

Edit: To clarify my standpoint, Hanzo and Widow should be used interchangeably, leaving mid range combat to Soldier and McCree, since they are both rendered worthless because of Hanzo. Hanzo was a sniper but now he’s a better McCree than McCree is.

Isn’t it funny how the main complaints about Scatter came from Tanks…

It’s one thing being killable, quite another just being a punch bag for this Spam.

8 seconds is not a short cooldown.

The point of being a tank is that you press one a button and protect yourself against all the damage that is being shot at you. That is why Zarya has bubble, Reinhardt has a barrier etc etc.

Shouldn’t dps characters kill you if they find you with your abilities on cooldown? If this isn’t the case how else are you meant to kill a tank?

But Hanzo mains were so proud of their “mad skilz” with Scatter Shot…


All the Hanzo whine is starting to seem like lack of game sense.

Stop trying to face tank high damage when your cooldowns are down.

It’s faster than McCree’s flashbang and on the same cd as his roll. Both play a similar role now.

Not purely on their own. The main feature of tanks are damage mitigation and high health pools, they’re meant to be able to take more punishment as a result of having less kill potential.
Hanzo shreds half the health off of one because his team focussed their damage towards a barrier for a bit or because he used leap to quickly dodge around a barrier.

What about Hog and D.va who are meant to focus more around disruption than team protection and have 2 of the largest hitboxes in the game, with D.va having the easiest critbox to hit.

TBH storm is probably better, but I can’t handle this lack of geometry. :sob:
I need them to make a bouncing arrow ability or something :thinking: