ONE-TRICKS 'Avoid as teammate' 🤔


Then after the 7 days, you can put them back on the list. Jeff stated that clearly. So, you can avoid them forever, but it takes you putting them back on. If avoiding them permanently is so vital to you, just do the couple of mouse clicks. Christ.


That would involve learning and adapting. I don’t see much of that in this community.


Honestly only two slots is extremely arbitrary. I get why they did it, but you can guarantee they’ll not help with reducing toxicity, due to the limited number.

A better system would be unlimited slots but having to explain why you blocked someone. Maybe have a filter for key words to distinguish between abusers and genuine users. But that’s probably too much effort for Blizz :wink:


The statement was very ironic. Let’s state the obvious and truthful reason, this 2 limit avoid is specifically for the one tricks the GM community has been complaining about.

“One trick haters” aren’t going to be the ones adversely effected by longer queue times or the player population not wanting to play with them. This is their way of getting one tricks to try to change their behavior or form a six stack to play around them.

The entire language of the video was geared towards one tricks.


I will always be amazed by the fact-twisting skills employed by the anti-one-trick crowd. You guys are amazing, and should consider a career in politics.


This is totally about that great Genji player and really not about the Torb or Sym one tricks who will be placed on the avoid list by nearly all of their teammates. Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night I guess.


I think it goes without saying that Blizz understand a large number of one-tricks are going to be on people’s ‘avoid’ lists, the post you quoted doesn’t even try to avoid that fact. Jeff even alludes to it towards the end of the recent developer update video talking about this new feature.


Yes, that’s why just like the developer video it’s ironic that someone would claim the “anti-one-trick crowd” are the one twisting facts.

At that point it’s not even about telling a lie to other people, its just lying to yourself if someone can’t see this was primarily for and will primarily effect one tricks. I would think you’d have to be purposefully obtuse or naive to not see that. Either that or feel personally hurt by the upcoming storm that they know will happen to them.


This, right here, is the wisdom everyone need.

If you play off-meta (or “one trick”), the people that will put you in the avoid list above, you know, ACTUAL throwers and griefers, are making you a favor by being one less toxic person you meet in your future matches.

The slots are extremely limited, I doubt too many people will keep a petty squabble going too long when they meet the people for who this system was designed to fight, and might start weighting the “issues” of playing next with a “one trick” or a “toxic mic screamer that throw a tantrum at the first lost team fight and start chain suiciding”.

On top of that, grouping up nulls all effects of this avoid feature. If you end up with really long queue times, it might be faster to join a discord channel and grab a 6-stack really quickly.


i heavily disagree with your previous post and i don’t think the point you mentioned there will apply, however, it’ll definitely aislate anyone who one tricks a one meta hero/bad teamwork ppl solely because in comp the goal is simply “not having fun” its to win

there, hope it sounds less rude and reasonable :0


The report system is there for those players and I’ve encountered less people outright purposefully throwing a match than people who refused to ever switch and were in effect doing the same thing.

This is true and it’s what people have said for a long time, if you don’t ever want to play around your team maybe you should form your own team. I think the system will encourage different behaviors in certain people as evidenced by how attitudes are immediately changing for some.

It’s not perfect but it’s a start, before today people would be saying that people who don’t like playing with one tricks are the ones who need to form a six stack, immediately after the announcement people are acknowledging one tricks may have to form their own groups or be face long queue times.

Edit: I appreciate your edit Also looking out for you as people have tried to get me banned for similar postings.

Be nice. I heavily disagree with a lot of xavvy’s posts and find a few nonsensical but plenty of people do agree with them. They have a right to their feelings and viewpoint.


Nah, I stand that anyone that wants to have full control over their team (partial or total) needs to form a team to play with them. Be it the one trick that demands a specific player to cover their biggest weakness, or the meta slave that demands all off-meta to play something else.

If you are ok with playing with any random player the matchmaking gives you and work with them, I believe you shouldn’t be forced to form a group just to be able to play.

I think a lot of people are thinking this tool will be a lot more punitive than it actually is. As I said, I doubt “one trick haters” will just put on avoid every one trick they meet for the simple fact that there is more than 2 one tricks per tier. And then there are some bad apples that will get priority on the avoid list.


Whilst I don’t personally agree with one-tricking, I’ve made several threads defending them against being false reported.

Again, you’re saying things that go without saying. Of course this system will be used against one-tricks but it’s at least giving people who may have otherwise reported them, a more positive avenue to ‘avoid’ them if they so wish.


And if there’s more than 2 people you need to avoid?

As I’ve said, it’s a good start, but it’s nowhere near enough.

It’s a temporary band-aid, not a permanent solution.


The issue comes down to whether the majority of the community are the “meta slaves” or the one tricks. It’s plain as day that there are a handful of characters that people consider to be off meta and in that handful of characters there are only very few players who pull the “I won’t play anyone but them” card.

Those people are going to be the ones who are punished. The Hanzo/Sym/Torb players who play the character but switch out if the match isn’t going well aren’t going to be put on everyone’s list but the attack Sym who only plays attack Sym on each and every map and in every situation? People are going to make room for that person to be one out of their two.

It’s not going to be punitive to one tricks as a whole, but specific people, especially at the higher levels are definitely going to notice a bunch of people placing them on avoid.

Yes, I definitely feel like this is a positive aspect of the change and it’s one many of us have been asking for. I don’t want to report certain players if I simply have the option of choosing not to play with them.


…or you could, you know, give this new feature even a day to test before asking for changes.

‘Genuine’ toxicity (we’re talking absolutely vile, ruin the game type people) imo is rarely encountered (I’m currently in silver) and I feel 2 avoids is a good starting place.

Some people are a bit too liberal with the word ‘toxic,’ a player who swears at me once isn’t toxic in my opinion, they may have let their emotions get the better of them (but they will still cop a report).


I’d totally want stats on his avoids vs the other high ranking Sym mains, he’s easily the most obnoxious offmeta main that most people have heard of.


That is the point where we disagree.

For the first weeks, maybe. But as the tool gets older, I doubt many people will keep a grudge for this long just out of irrational spite for off-meta players. Which is why I’m happy the feature have a time limit.


So…you can be banned for one tricking now?..


And Jeff also said they might increase the count in the future after data is collected and analyzed.

Sorry, but what you want is not going to happen out of the gate. It was done that way once before with Avoid Player and abused as badly as the current automated report system is (which came into the game as a result of Avoid Player getting removed).

As the auto-report feature in HoTS has shown, and the Vote to Kick feature in WoW has shown over the years, the Blizzard playerbase will abuse the living hell out of such systems. So, Blizzard is now more reluctant to put them in full-tilt.

Thank your fellow players who abused the crap. Rough as it might sound, Blizzard absolutely needs to treat its playerbase like children and give them things only in baby steps. History has shown that enough times.

(And for the record, I’ve never been report-banned, silenced, or vote kicked in Blizzard games, but I’ve been playing them for 24 years, including WoW since launch, and have seen outcry after outcry, and abuse after abuse. It isn’t unique to Overwatch.)