One-three-two, no thank you

while it might solve queuing times, it sacrifices the newly brought stability of 2-2-2 and throws off tank despite changes under the bus. The game is less fun to play as a tank (main) and also feels way whackier and less coordinated and strategy based.

as an experiment its fine, but nothing more than that

(2-3-2, however…)

Unfortunately going beyond 12 players is not a very realistic option at this time.

and before anyone else says it because they’ve been trying to counter me on this… B.O.B. does not count as a player.


Who is making this 10 second argument?


I actually like playing main tank in 1/3/2 - just one enemy tank to worry about and you feel beefy.

Orisa even feels fun to play again with the format. I just wish they would give Orisa some faster projectile speed for the experiment to help combat the Widow picking off my team.

Too early to say it even solves queue times. Give it another 2-3 weeks and see what those queue times look like then.

Too bad it’s only supposed to be available for a few days. No time to let the “new” feeling wear off and see what happens with queue times.

first of all thank you, for your reply I do appreciate the work you guys put in here :slight_smile:

Im also aware that jeff has also previously mentioned that going beyond 12 players would a stretch and unrealistic. Nonetheless I dont think that should stop us from pushing you guys into a direction to think how to turn this into a realistic scenario.

putting the (surely massive) amount of work to make this happen aside,
2-3-2 seems like to take the best things from 1-3-2 (faste queue times, more dps focus) and add upon the the advantages we currently enjoy with 2-2-2 (that being a strategic, teamwork based fps - which is at least why I love overwatch so much) further more it would add more viable strategies and combinations.

Im aware that the costs would be extremely Im just asking for you to keep in the back of your minds :slight_smile:

Thank you again for all the great work!

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If BOB can wave back to me he’s definitely another player. :thinking:

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Few days? I guess they’re just gauging popularity for now, or testing the tank buffs

as a main tank as well I guess heres where our opinions differ. I love the fact that tanks are their own duo. That they can support and coordinate with each other. That its more complex than just one reinhard swinging at another reinhard. That the pressure of creating space is divided upon two players. My list goes on and on :smiley:

Lol. In 1-3-2 the enemy tank is the least of your worries. Ana nades are more lethal and so are Sombra hacks. Anything that an off-tank could help manage before, becomes damn near lethal. Tanks are just slightly harder to kill ult batteries in this mode.

Does Zarya bubble not cleanse anti?

Yeah, grenade is definitely HUGE in 1/3/2.

I kind of like it like that though.

Can’t speak to Sombra hacks though, because I haven’t been hacked as a Tank in 1/3/2 unless it was a situation where our team was already getting rolled in the fight anyway. I’m normally quick enough on the draw that as soon as she tries to start the hack, I turn my attention on her or use my shields.

Maybe I’m just playing with Bronze Sombras though.

Yes it does. Problem with that is…everyone uses Ana in 1-3-2. Zarya isn’t the always the best pick, and picking her just to cleanse anti is a waste most of the time.

The problems of 1-3-2 are the huge amount of damage and insta-kills. There are many heroes, who are really disadvantaged by this comp. And the qol of heroes like Ana and Zen is really worse… But despite these problems the idea is fun, it’s faster and dynamic. I would like devs try to balance healers and dps before they remove this comp. Many players could change their mind maybe.

Well it was me and my friends that were doing that to the other tanks. If they chose Rein, we went Sombra. We figured that the first team to lose their sole tank, would lose the game. So we solo bombed the enemy tank every time. If they had shield, we hacked it. Sombra is strong in this mode. You can be as beefy as you want, but if you don’t have abilities…you’re a walking ult battery. Using Sombra is soooo much easier to, because there’s less pressure on her to do damage.