Once more ow forums are ignored in favor of reddit

Show me a single reddit post in any overwatch sub that is given attention for someone complaining. I’ll wait.

/r/Overwatch is just highlights. /r/competitiveoverwatch and /r/Overwatchuniversity have discussions.


From my experience the DUMBEST comments are always top voted. I always have to scroll past the first 3-4 comment threads on reddit before I find a comment that’s not some meme. Basically sort my controversial if you want any truth at all.

I really used to like reddit but they censor your words, censor your anger or outrage and it’s pointless complaining.

Someone should really make a rival /overwatch2 sub that’s moderated by someone that protects free speech, antishilling, and the truth.

Reddit is not what it used to be and I see competitors popping up in the future.


What makes you think this is true?

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OW Forums also aren’t exactly great and their track record of taking the worse possible things.

Blizz aren’t exactly great either but the forums are partly to blame as well.

As someone who uses both Reddit and the forums, I don’t blame them for using Reddit.

  • It’s more positive, and Blizzard tends to avoid hard-hitting questions or criticism
  • Players are generally better structured in their posts
  • Only popular posts are given a platform, while negative or unpopular opinions are buried in downvotes
  • It’s structured in a way that discourages active debate and communication, which allows Blizzard to better direct the conversation

If I was Blizzard, I know where I would hold my AMAs.


My guess would be that Reddit is a lot more AMA-friendly, where devs can reply to a question immediately below the answer rather than making people scroll to find one. It takes a lot more time to set up an AMA here than on Reddit.


Reddit has a better system for doing AMAs.


r/Competitiveoverwatch is the only place where people actually talk nicely and think before saying anything , in OW forums you get people who are gold asking for game to be balanced around them instead of actually improving and going to better ranks and OW forums is mostly just filled with Support players who act like being DPS player is a crime ,also lot of stupid takes get asked around here and mostly cuz they had that one bad game where that specific hero killed them a lot, r/Overwatch is not much different (an people just show highlights there and don’t even talk about game balance)


The main problem is that r/cow isn’t a sub for competitive Overwatch, it’s an OWL fan club. Looking at the front page right now, 25/26 posts are about OWL or pro players. They aren’t even playing right now.


Daily reminder to vote with your wallets folks.
If a company doesn’t care about you they probably don’t need your money too.

I called it even back then that staff will be back communicating to hype ppl to buy OW2 and then will go radio silence again.


It’s because these forums are always insulting and being disrespectful towards blizzard and the devs.

Seriously, every time there’s a blue/orange post there’s always replies of people complaining and being rude.

At least Reddit is more civil, I don’t blame the devs for never checking these forums.



Gee, I wonder what could be the reason :thinking:


yeah! so glad to see this!

if you want more interactions, then be nice :slight_smile:


Hopefully that’s not the case! :crossed_fingers:

I mean to be fair, ik the devs aren’t perfect but i dont think ppl should be mean


I’m not disagreeing, but that’s a pretty confusing statement considering these are Blizzard hosted forums. They cultivated and moderate the forums. They designed the forum’s code of conduct and hold full authority to ban whoever they want. As a result, it’s a sad state of affairs when they neglect it for a third party site.


Funnily enough, I’ve seen some of the “bad forum takes” get repeated a lot in r/cow, as highly upvoted comments.


… IDK how this is a surprise (once more, forums never disappoint).

You can criticise reddit all you want but the discussion and points made there are insanely ahead of the ones in the forum. Take the first 100 topics here and you will barely see … 10 legit complains? Its all full of overexaggerations and “lets nerf X hero” flavour of the month.


I don’t think this is really true. We get the occasional person trashing them, but for the most part people are very happy to hear from them, and pretty polite all around. I would say the only really awkward thing we do is pile on whatever our pet question is into threads that have nothing to do with that topic.

Even that’s kind of cute, though.

Part of the trollishness of this place, I think is that we all know nobody cares about us. We’re an irrelevant part of their audience, and a bunch of whales. You don’t sell to the whales, you sell to the people who may or may not buy.

Personally, I think reddit is pretty dull. I don’t care about the PotG’s or the pro league, so there’s not much there to read, and what is there isn’t that different from what’s posted on here.

There are a surprising number of people on here who are in the top half of the player population, despite the reputation.


Honestly this!
couldn’t have said it better myself.


Forums are a two sided blade. I prefer them generally for allowing deeper discussion on topics then Reddit typically allows. Reddit at best gets to have one developed post and maybe some branching discussions, but generally it’s the first post that mostly decides whether a topic is valuable. In forums the first post isn’t too important and it’s more about how the conversation evolves - though a lot of the popular threads on the forums get stupid long to the point no one is reading through them anyways.

The main reason I assume they stay away from the forums is there’s no real penalty to negativity here. In Reddit negativity is simply buried. Devs are human and seeing people tell them they’re the worst thing since… name a thing… takes a toll. Reddit has the benefit of burying really unconstructive/unfair takes with the downvote system that might otherwise generate 200 replies of ‘bumping’ within the forums. On the other hand it has the downside that it buries most criticisms and basically any opinion that isn’t majority held. This combined with the format of threads not encouraging much development of ideas combine to make it a really shallow place to mine for opinions.

COW is decent though. The average post is definitely better then here even if it struggles from the usual Reddit problems. If devs are choosing to favor the general OW over here it does really feel like they don’t want to address problems. General OW Reddit practically has nothing thoughtful in it.

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