Omg why no 1-1-1-1-1-1

Serious idk why people talk 3-2-1… that will raise que times for DPS and Push Tank players away because people will dive more

literally i think 6 different role will make the experience of a game better (im not talking about winning more game im talking about the design in general)

1-1-1-1-1-1 Roles

  • Main Tank / Shield tank - All heroes that have shield in this role
  • Off Tank / Brawler Tank - Tank that has no shield abilities and use offensive abilities to fight and protect
  • Hitscan DPS - hitscan primary heroes only
  • Projectile DPS - Projectile primary heroes only
  • Flex Supp / Damage Supp - Support Heroes Who do Burst damage while healing
  • Main Support - Healers that do over 55 Hps Should be here

Why This Is Needed

  1. No double Shields
  2. Less CC in DPS Roles (A lots of Hitscans Are not CC to win heroes)
  3. Burst Healing will be a bit more calmer in team fights
  4. Que Times will go down even more because there more than 3 roles (off tank role maybe be just a tab bit longer, hopefully Both DPS Que times will be split times)
  5. this might help balancing… example if one or more heroes a OP in one “Role” Balance till other heroes slow comes up in that same role (having so many DPS in one seem like an issue so maybe spilit them in roles can some what help)



Good thing too since i personally like the idea of 3-2-1.
It opens up opportunities to turn DPS into Tanks, and Tanks into DPS.


you mean more DPS que times… And the game gonna push tanks away because the game gonna be who can kill main tank first


Again, double shield is not the problem.

It’s the dps that does not know how to engage a double shield.


or maybe tank dont know how to push up…

“JuSt GeT mOrE KiLls”

i mean i would if tanks know that to make space to make things easier

or…“iTs DpS fAuLt”

As Jeff himself said…

This doesn’t raise the queue times, this lowers the queue times.

Again, you are assuming space is purely a tank role while there are dps that can take space…

im talking about people who main one role… especially in higher ranks where que times are baaaaad

Even if you only queue up for Damage, you would land a game much faster with every match having an extra Damage slot.

(Two if we count both sides.)

if you think DPS is about making space then sir… please play fortnite

Tanks have more Armor/engery sheild, sheilding abilites, and tactics to make space DPS is there to Flank, poke damge, or burst some if out of position

“JuSt FlAnK tHeM”

Look flanking means out of position aswell so you taking high risk for a high reward but if we flank and die too many times next thing we gonna hear is “ItS DpS fAuLt” or “We NeED mOrE dAmAge”

maybe tank players need to flank more since there scare to push up these dance and maybe see how it feels to get burst damage when trying to flank

This… is a very flat way to look at the game. 2 dimensional.

Damage take space through the threat of death, or the threat of quicker dying or just much more danger.

The claim that DPS do not aid in taking space, is just ill informed.

Stop Relying On “KILLS” yes this a huge thing in the game but IF the space not good for DPS to get kills then DPS cant help

  • More Main Tank needs to communicate on when to push and not to push
  • Main Tanks need to call who to dive on instead of DPS do that
  • Main Tanks Need to be more leaders and not so passive

Literally if main tank plays do this more offend and off tank players know then to push with main tank games would become more faster and not always so depened on other roles

Tank player need to stop being so depend on other tanking space when there tactics are way better than any hero / role in the game

No no, i never mentioned kills.

Kills are the death of the enemy, the actual HP hitting zero.

I mean the threat of a DPS player, taking space.
Very different.

understandable but the only DPS that can do that right now is Mei and reaper, some what doomfist… but those DPS getting nerf (mei and doom)

In what category does a hero like doomfist,sombra or mei belong? neither of those are hitscans or projectile dps.

Incorrect… any dps when played correctly can be a massive threat.
(Maybe except for Bastion)

It’s the idea that you could die, that takes space if a confident DPS player utilizes their surroundings to their advantage.

sombra is a hitscan for one… to mei primary is a hitscan

and doom is a porjectile

Hitscan - Bullet or object has no travel time…


and mei Primary is direct hit up close…

why you wanna troll me QwQ

we need


Overwatch Ground war gamemode comfired???

DPS claims space not by using their hp but by their threat angles.

Let’s draw some real scenario.

King’s row on attack.
A poor widow/ashe would setup position either on the top window of spawn point or near the bus.

Those are terrible angles because they are where the enemy shields will setup.

Watch where good widow/ashe would setup…

Same for pharah/mccee/doom/junk.
These are dps that can easily take good attack angles.

Most DPS just want their tanks to win enemy tanks + enemy dps (even harder with zen discord).
While they do not understand that, they are the role with better mobility and longer ranged weapons.