Omg why no 1-1-1-1-1-1

I thought this was a joke post for a second.

this is a way better expiation then mines i just hate how i get blame when im getting picks with widow and tank still say we need more damage or it my fault

Dude im talking playstyle wise, not terminology, ive never seen someone going sombra to kill a pharah, yea she has an SMG but her playsyle isnt of a hitscan. And doom isnt projectile at all, hes a melee hero a combo based hero, mei kinda is a projectile but still needs to be upclose and alot of other heroes would be really kinda weird to order here, especially tnks

Tanks who claim there’s not enough damage are either correct, or simply don’t press forward. ever. It’s infuriating watching a Tank actively move backwards while telling everyone else to push forward.

LMFAO bro even you said it Playing style aka Sombra is a hitscan with a different style “BECAUSE” her SMG accuracy is very wide and not like S76 doesnt mean she a hitscan… to prove you point even more wrong During GOATS era Hitscan players played sombra or zayra

Even to prove your point even more wrong… sombra doesnt have one projectile ability…

And yes clearly you dont use sombra to kill a pharah sooooo just switch to something that has more accuracy to counter easy bro… clearly sombra not use to go against pharah

what about beam heroes? Sigma have abilities of both off tanks and shield tanks, what should he do? Mercy have 50hps while her ult heal more, where does she belong? Can i go Damage supp as Moira its a valid strat in low ranks?

btw doom primary isnt hitscan sooooo yeah and because mei primary is direct hit bro… what are you talking about??? why you troll meeeee

Beam heroes have no travel distance so hitscan because there direct hit aswell

since sigma has a tank ability then tank role but he would need a buff maybe

and sadly mercy i would pust her at off healer because the healing is so a bit low these days if she was 55 hps i would yes but to make that more interesting there would be a off healer with a difrerent type of style

and moria i would still say she a main support because her healing is still good aka attack supp in a main support role changes up the style of play in that role if you understand where i come from

Just imagine Mei reaper sombra. It’s the “tanks aren’t allowed to play” comp.

Yea but opinion put into public is worth discussing.
Your idea, even if wierd, could work… in a game when there are heroes for it. But what, you gona make 4 tanks in one role, 4 in other, 3 supports in one, and 4 in other? There is problem with any forced idea like that, this roles are alredy restricted in picks compared to dps a lot. It just feel… unfair.

I think we should take it a step further:


This is the ultimate version of Overwatch.

I love these forums. :grin:

~ From a QP Classic player

I really like this idea because honestly main tanking feels absolutely garbage when your teammates are just picking whatever and then end up throwing the match which is why I don’t just queue tanks anymore as sometimes I just feel like I’m losing IQ every game desperately trying to hold the team together and frankly it’s not worth it when your teammates are just a bunch of selfish briggs

OK sombra is a hitscan and doom is a projectile gothca :joy: :joy:

You know
Most heroes are hitscan but… It should be in a different slot
Like dva is hitscan for example, but she can’t kill pharah at long range, same with sombra tracer etc

Also where would sym be? Nobody uses the ball so it’s like it doesn’t exist… #ReworkSym4.0