(Official) Overwatch 2 Beta Patch notes - MAY 5, 2022

this is the second week of this beta and the first of more betas so they will be do way more changes to alot of heros dont worry and the first patch notes looks really good keep going

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Great looking first patch. :+1:

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It smells a lot like “we need to come up with something…anything” and this was the result


It’s even less fun to be the squishy 200hp Ana with any of them in your face, and two of them can just consistently dive you over and over.

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No its displayed next to I just hope they limit tanks soon like ive been asking, because I just played Goats on my team Rein, DVA, Zarya Brig Bap not even lying.

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well bummed a bit about sombra but i guess she would get nerfed eventually

one thing that i REALLY WANT IS


I’m used to not seeing her in patch notes :weary: but yeah some info about her would be nice

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Just to say that the New Whole Hog might be better with a more generous duration but a limited resource, like Molten Core, Storm Arrows, or the like.

Spending a second of a six second Whole Hog to Hook something is good utility, but feels… odd. And not great. Definitely a step in the right direction–well done Geoff, and Team! :slight_smile:

Soldier nerf: good.
Ana nade nerf: good.
Brig knockback doubled: meh.
Zen new ability: :flushed:


dude nerf soljurn’s movement speed its legit absurdly fast
and headshot icon is good but make it red, it would be better to differentiate between other stuff

other than that, good changes, not sure why zen got buffed he is stupidly strong if people actually play around him

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now we can have lucio, zenny, phara, ashe and doomfist booping others from the map, an entire composition for Ilios XD


I figured you may need more time since this were such a significant rework.

Thank you for taking the beta feedback and adjusting them. I know Soldier was a huge complaint and problem.

I know they’re trying many different things, like buffing Sojourn and Roadhog. Do you think it’s possible that these sort of sway them too far on the other side (from being underpowered to slightly overtuned) and that these would get walked back? Not specifically these two, but are we in a phase where we’re trying everything and anything, and the team isn’t hard-committed to any of them?


Absolutely, which is why I’m suggesting a change.

Something that lets her defend herself more regularly without making her target miserable would be great.

Right now dive tanks make ana miserable, and ana makes dive tanks (and hog) miserable, when ideally it’d be neither.

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DPS supremacy, baybee. Honestly remarkable that they restrained themselves from giving Sombra a compensatory buff. Dunno how they did it.

Support changes seem low key weak but I’ll reserve my opinion until the numbers come out.

The new headshot icon looks like a major downgrade lol

That is extremely reasonable. Thanks for letting us know the thought process there.

Can I ask, are Symmetra and Junkrat on the devs’ radar? They both seem to be struggling pretty badly.


it would be hard to see in the killfeed. The white is fine.

Are they actually struggling or are people playing more of the new and reworked heroes, rather than the ones that barely got touched?

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hi ow 2 dlp team , i have an idea new widomeker passive, The farther it is, the more damage it does and the closer it is, the smaller the amount of damage, a maximum of 300 shots per head and the minimum is 100-50 What works out for you, the idea is that she can be the sniper she is and play in far away places and less in near places