Because the name is a good “gotcha” after the Cosby trial.

Also I’d be completely fine, by the way, if they explicitly said that Jesse Mccree the dev was found to have inappropriately behaving in a manner that makes it impossible for the cowboy to have his name. Also I’m perfectly fine with the lore showing jesse mccree was an alias, even if the guy didn’t do anything. But be clear for the love of god. Don’t walk around it.

They have not done that.

They’re making it sound like that’s the case, but they’re not saying it.

If they say that, it’d all be clear to me. The fact they’ve been avoiding it feels very much like an internal settlement to leave the company with good severance and without any bad press for him (although I’d consider this bad press)

I just need this sort of transparency, not a vague statement.

And like I already said: it doesn’t matter.

They could have named him after a genocidal dictator, but it’s still just a string of letters.

“me right u wrong”
Yeah, very compelling. You got me bro.

I feel like its not hard to grasp I am refering to blizzard as a whole.

No oh my god.

We’ve had this argument before.

Seeing someone’s name on a piece of paper and saying ‘hey that’s a cool name we should use it’ is not naming a character after someone.

Naming someone after someone else implies you are saying ‘hey let’s name this character or person after this other person who is a cool dude’

They just used his name.

Or are you telling me that if I name my kid “Valerie” because when I was in elementary school there was a girl named Valerie and I always liked the name, I’m naming after her some girl I barely remember other than the fact that her name is Valerie?

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Then you aren’t named after her, you just have the same name. -.-

My name is Jennifer, and so is the name of many, many other girls born between 1975 and 1983. Are we all named after the first Jennifer?

Give me a break.

But can you at least tell us, with absolutely no intended hints or obligations, that you are still aware of his existing lore that his name may not have been McCree anyway?

We are aware of the existing lore.


It’s fine as long as it’s close.

Example: from Cree to Ree.


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No. But deliberately going “I like your name, can I use it.” is naming after, by definition. It didn’t just happen, it was deliberate choice to use the name of another.


Blizzard, there is a map called Blizzard World, it was inspired by a real life company with a horrible work environment, the map even has the name of such company… Remove, rename and redesign it too :upside_down_face: :+1:.


Hey, I’d just like to pop in and say sorry you have to deal with all the outright hostile people here over this situation. Hope they’re not getting to you too much

Seriously, some people are getting EXTREMELY hostile against this name change stuff. Civil discussion between people with different opinions is fine and good, but the straight-up flaming and personal attacks need to stop.


Coming soon:
Jesse McCrae.

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Basic trolls finally get some “real” power. Scary stuff.


Totally unnecessary tbh.

That’s like saying every dude named “Ted” is scum because they have the same name as Ted Bundy.

Only if that character was specifically named after Bundy.

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Consider that not everyone in the company isn’t representative of the the terrible examples that have come out.

Also consider that several women who have come forth have also spoken highly of the Overwatch teamS one going down far as to say they were a joy to work with unlike several on the WoW team.

Consider that here are good people who really care about what they do and treat others with dignities and respect that work at Blizzard.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Regarding McCree’s name change, I’m still partial to Joel Mcclane :grin:


Sombra was right all along.


Can someone explain why they are changing McCree’s name. I am so confused and why changing it achieves this:

Well his name is based on a real person

And that person has been fired for sexual misconduct or something like that


They should let the community decide, imo. Or make it some generic name like Six-gun or Cowboy, just to make it sting a little more.

Oh ffs, really? I am 99% sure that the vast majority of the Overwatch playerbase doesn’t even know this and will probably not know this until Blizzard slams the name change in our faces.