Yep; and I’m gonna do it.


I know there are players crazy enough to tattoo characters and their names on their body. Imagine having McCree on your body.

Such a delusional thing to do and useless but hey I can’t judge people like you.

No he still exists, just his name changes (Though I guess you could still say that)

What do you mean by “let someone”? They are getting paid to do what they are told to do. I don’t think you understand how jobs works.

I totally get where you’re coming from here.

I can confirm that feedback from the initial conversation around Cowboy here in the forums was conveyed to the team, and it was taken into account when the team made this commitment.

I appreciate your open mindedness and willingness to listen to and consider different viewpoints.


The amount of people who wanted this is vanishingly small when compared to the people who don’t. I’ve been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft and I don’t know how much more of this stupidity I can handle. Everything you do alienates the people who care the most about your game(s), just to appease some jerks on Twitter who haven’t touched the game since launch.

I’m in the demographic of people you repeatedly claim to support and yet you do nothing tangible for any of us. I’m so sick of this.


I wish more people were like that on here :confused: (Not you btw, some of the people replying)


Doesn’t matter. The name still exists independent of any bad person.

If Blizzard said that McCree’s name is no-longer based on that bad person and is now just his name, would that work for you? You could think of it as them renaming him to a name that’s spelled and pronounced the exact same way.

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Previous comics and books will remain unaltered.

This change will apply to all future content.


I think it’s you who don’t get it mate. That’s not how the hierarchy in a company like activision blizzard works. Some unrelated executive does not hold the power to make the lead game DEV of a team within the company change something within their game for PR.

I love the implication that “I’ll report everyone for abusive chat who will call cree something else in my games!” is any less delusional and snowflake rectionary behavior. Get a grip. It’s just a name.

Probably because the change in name will require additonal work on Mccree in the lore which will then delay OW 2.

They could delete the hero while they’re at it :smiley:

Will you be sticking to your existing lore? Sombra already said it’s not his real name anyway, and he wrote a glowing article about himself under the pen name Joel.

if they don’t name him mcfan the hammer then i’m cancelling overwatch!

I didn’t said anything about that, next time refer to the right person first before insulting.

AFAIK the art is already mostly done for OW2, it’s things like balance that needs work so these changes wouldn’t delay things much, if at all.

Also read and consider the top part of my comment c:

I don’t know, they did said the balance change will take a while.

No; it quite literally does. If we go to an extreme just imagine if Blizzard named a hero Jeffrey Epstein after the real life figure. It’d be just as problematic.