Off topic foodie thread

This was going to be a rant about the matchmaker, and/or the perils of joining voice chat, but I thought: scrap that. Instead of something negative. How about a topic about food? I’ll start. I really enjoy something called a fluff nutter sandwich. It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but with marshmallow cream instead of the jelly. My dad actually discovered them reading a sci-fi series called Expeditionary Force. I feel better now. :innocent:


I was fed frog legs once in Florida without knowing and it wasn’t the worst thing in the world

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I tried sushi for the first time the other day; a tempura shrimp roll. I was actually pleasantly surprised!


What do you think each heroes favorite food would be?

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I made myself a Sloppy Joe for the first time since I was 14 (over 30 years ago) and good god I forgot how sexy they taste. Thank god for youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, if you need inspiration, tinged with heartache-check of Henry’s Kitchen. Saw it by accident on an xQc vid and now I can’t stop watching them lol.


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Interesting tangent. I’ll have to think about it. If you have some ideas already, feel free to share. Actually, based on dialogue in the game, I think Winston’s favorite is peanut butter, not bananas. “Did someone say peanut butter?”

A possible reference to another favorite is the slice of apple pie in the diner in the short Reunion. Mccree’s? :green_apple:

what’s everyone’s favourite type of bread?

I absolutely love naan bread and would honestly rate it higher than the curry it usually accompanies


flax seed or multi seed bread, but its like $6 a loaf now, so i just get sarah lee delightful multigrain since its cheaper

Hi, asian culture obsessed person here! Sushi is absolutely amazing.


My overall best experience with food was trying Wagyu IN Japan.

Went to Tokyo on a business trip/training trip, and I tried A5 for the first time, and I absolutely hope all of you can try it at some point.

Currently cooking some ribs, and have a brisket, just need to trim it.

Been trying to stretch my food budget.
So I have been buying
1lb bag of black beans $1.40 ( boil the whole bag)
2lbs ground turkey $3.50 a lb
2 cans cream of mushroom soup $1.14 a can
package of fresh baby portabella mushrooms about $4 (sautéed in a little butter)

i cook it all, mix it up and it makes about 3 days worth of food for a decent sized bowl 2 times a day.

its pretty good, and plenty of protean and fiber

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Yall should try pumpkin cake. Cream cheese frosting. thats all ty :+1:



A former roommate worked at a bakery and he would bring home some amazing kalamata olive bread.

Fun fact: portobello, cremini, and white button mushrooms are all the same species, just at different stages of growth. If you wanted (for your cooking application), you could substitute the portobello for white mushrooms without changing the flavour much at all (and possibly save some $).

Second. :sunglasses: twenty characters

That was the only “good” thing about the first Covid lockdown. Learning to cook new stuff with new ingredients etc. I learnt so much it was unreal. I’ve gone from buying jars of pasta sauce etc, to making my own and good lord it tastes so much better, and I’m saving cash from making batches of stuff.

I think Mercy’s is bircher muesli according to Loverwatch.

Where you from? In the North East of the US Fluff is a very common thing.



oh my god I am so obsessed with turkey bacon clubs right now.

specifically turkey/mayo BLTs on a toasted artisan style bun

I’m hungry now, thanks :’)

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Pumpkin cake? Thank you. Foodies unite! :pray:

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