Off topic foodie thread

Brioche is my favourite, but everyone gets weirded out when I put Tuna + Sweetcorn inside it LOL :woman_standing: idk why

People who hate that aren’t human beings. They need to be educated in sandwich making. I also use Brioche with my pan fried hot dogs too (fry them in butter with a cutting pattern on the hot dog so it’s cooked inside-it tastes glorious).

Saying that, my fave is half a baguette, with pastrami, coleslaw, crushed chips, freshly ground black pepper, mustard, tomato and pickles.

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damn that reminds me, if I have a packet of salted crisps I love to add them to my sandwich fillings LOL

yeah they can make a difference to a normal sandwich. I just love to experiment with sandwich making, could spend the whole day doing it. And god bless the chip butty in curry sauce :sunglasses:

As someone from Japan I found sushi kinda lack in taste. Chinese food taste way better. Spicy and delicious! But I still like Shushi too.

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Sushi is good. Not brave enough to try anything raw though. I did try wasabi for the first time though. Yikes, it made my eye water.

Pineapple and ham pizza isn’t too bad.

I should try that peanutmallow sandwich.

Anyone just have butter bread? Or cinnamon sugar toast?


You’re cool. You have great taste.

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Texas. And honestly, I’d never heard of them before. Now, I can’t get enough of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been a fan of walmart’s deli dinners lately

I always get the same thing, 8 boneless bbq wings (they usually give more, and dont count, usually like 12)
then two sides, I like jalapeno poppers and macaroni or potato wedges

The good thing is that it’s 5.5$ and is SO much food that it lasts me for 2 meals

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I loooooove putting jalapenos under the melted cheese on nachos, and also in pasta bake with chili flakes. Good lord it’s such a sexy taste.

This thread is gonna make me so dam hungry before long.

One of my favorite comfort foods is kvass. Just shredded cucumber in cold vinegar water with salt & dill. A dish my grandfather had growing up.


Never heard of that, but now I kind of want to try. Mostly because 6 dollars is unreal for that amount of food even if they count the “wings.”

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Speaking of sandwich making, I found a really good flavor combination in the form of Cajun style smoked turkey and an Italian vinigrett dressing on pumpernickel rye bread. I love sandwich making. :smile:


Oh good lord that sounds really nice. I love Cajun. Anything with Paprika/Cayenne is god tier in my eyes, love the stuff

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I almost forgot about the slice of pepperjack cheese. You’re welcome. :grin:

I love to cook (especially desserts) and I can make a mean apple pie from scratch. Better than Ingrid’s.

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Welp, I think it’s safe to say I now have the munchies lol


My grandmother made me Daikon cake, which is now my favorite food, and still to this day I have a hard time believing it’s a turnip.

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Hiss. Found the irl runescape tuna potato enjoyer. Bet it only heals 22 too xD.

Anyways recently i got into budget sous vide steak and roasts.

Since of all things, one of my multicookers had it. You get to control the temp and cook at like 140-150f for like 1-3 hrs but its pretty hands off minus a few stirs.

It cooks it like perfect rare every time, and then you sear it on a cast iron with some garlic butter and some montreal steak seasoning (black pepper, garlic, onion, lemon zest notes), and it comes out great.

You can even make some au jus french beef gravy to deglaze the pan after you’re done and i can see why home cooks love it. Takes a bit, but its hands off and very tender.

Ofc im just using a built in insulated temp control feature with a temp thermonitor instead of some 100-400$ setup. Think i got the device on a black friday for like 30-50$ and honestly im just as baffled as anyone it has the feature.

But after getting into homemade yogurt and milk kefir i figured if i had the feature i’d give it a shot. And honestly i don’t mind if its like 1-2 degrees off vs a ping pong bath and 2 gallon water tub.

It works out pretty good and the steaks are tender and when you home cook you can get like 10 oz beef steaks here for like 2.50$

Very good. Better than some or most places dry but flavorful 18$ generic steakhouse places i’ve had. Not anything to lose a mind over, but with the right seasoning and au jus, you get consistently tender, perfect rare, beef au jus gravy. And quite a treat.

I really like this foodie heroes of Overwatch idea. Might be worth it’s own topic. I consider it your idea, though. Any thoughts as to the criteria to determine each heroes favorite like auditory/visual clues in animated shorts and the like?

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