Off tank players, would you even bother playing if 321 was a thing?

Personally I would not. No tank without a reliable shield would be viable, so every off tank would essentially have to be completely reworked (ie, deleted) into a tank that can shield most of their team consistently. Even Winston probably wouldn’t work in 321.

I am not interested in playing shield bot just so that the DPS players can get their own way and have faster games.


Nah, game would be an absolute snooze fest because everyone would cry foul if you didn’t play shield tank.


Jeff made it sound like a lot of the off tanks would simply be reworked into beefier DPS. Would I play it… maybe. To me I think some of the off tanks wouldn’t really change and would probably still be viable in the “beefier dps” category – like Zarya

i don’t think barrier tanks will be that viable either in the sense that they are able to protect a team.
remember orisas barrier has as much hp as an old brig shield.

honestly this might be the thing that evens tanks out more so than anything else.

i’ve played lots of quickplay and lots of tanks before roleque and you usually only had mostly 1 and that was me. a reinhardt as a tank was pretty much as valuable as a roadhog was.


no, the game will not be the same without 2 tanks, and if DVA was a dps I think I’d finally be done with this game.

it’s an interesting idea, so long as it never ever goes live.

just reward people for flexing. and keep your expectations in line, the game has very few players left, queue times have nowhere to go but up from here. no need to burn the house down because of it. just wait till OW2 brings players back. and stop taking twelve years to fix the tank lineup every time when half the tanks are unplayable, then maybe tank players would stop quitting tank queue and the game all together.


I’d play solo Roadhog anyway (if he’s still tank) and see how it goes. Just drill through the shield and make the enemy suffer. Got to play smart. Would be about as fun as it is now. I’d miss tank duos though, but I also miss solo tank. Man, I wish there was a comp classic.

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Off-tank or main tank, if 132 got implemented I would quit the tank role as a whole.


Off-tanks would be reworked into either beefier “main tanks” or be nerfed mercilessly and reworked to fit in the DPS category. Either way, would be complete destruction to the tank and role I have always enjoyed playing—and I would miss the hell out of playing with other tank partners if my tanks of choice were forced into a solo role. Before role queue, I would ask for a second tank to help me do my job properly (since that is what an off-tank needs). Otherwise, failing that, I would swap to one of my other preferred (main) healers. I would be devastated for sure, and probably finally quit this game entirely if Role Queue forced one-tank groups on to the main game.


I’d still play what I’m good at & what I want. If you want shorter queue times so you can play the DPS you want more often, at the cost of forcing one player to solo tank… then you get the tank/off-tank that I pick :clap:t4::wink:

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Forget the tank role why would I want my dps or support games to be overly dependent on the single tank I get? Or why would I want my tank or dps games dependent on a single healer? Or why would I want my support/tank games rely on my sole damage person? No matter where you move the 1 it is a bad idea to have 1 of anything for the rest of the game.


He doesn’t even work in 222.


I recently played in qp with 3k players only and asked them if they minded me tanking with them as I was only 2300 and surprisingly they were fine with it.
It was kings row and I was rein… we got to last point with me on rein and regardless of whether i was carried or did well enough to hold my own I COULD NOT outplay their rein in last point… I was then able to swap to off tank so the 3k tank could create the space that I couldn’t and we actually won which was a nice feeling.
My point being as one tank if I run into an issue it’s still all on me no matter what the situation with 1-3-2

3/2/2 - No way in hell would I play tank. 2/1/1 I would consider solo tanking as there would be less to deal with.

Let me put it another way. No way in hell would I play tank against a Mei/Doomfist/Hanzo or some other crazy combination of triple DPS.

My team and I experimented with 3/2/1 comps before role queue, and the only tank that was viable was Hammond. Guess who used that comp in and won a stage in OWL? Dragons did.

If you think the tank population is small now with 2/2/2, it would shrink even more with 2/2/2. DPS queues would probably be worse.

Smaller teams are better for the game IMO. There is a reason other games do max 4 players per team.

I’d play off tank if they werent touched much. If they go through drastic changes for 1-3-2, I would stop being a Tank player.

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321 is trash I’d have to main support since I’m sure I’d be pigeonholed into boring Reinhardt

Ya, I think I’ll have to switch from Tank Main to Healer main.

I mean so far 2-2-2 destroyed DPS mains, 321 will destroy tank mains.

The only thing left is to become a DPS moira main.

It was so frustrating playing tanks before 2-2-2 because DPS was so popular that you’d have to hope to have just 1 tank. Not only that but even if you had one, the tank wouldn’t be able to keep up will all the incoming damage.

Also, just having 1 tanks means to be always shut down by a DPS count (ex: like mei, reaper or sombra). Without having another tank to help give you time, you’d always have to switch to another tank, and therefore rarely use your own ult.

With barrier being an absolute necessity, you can cross out any off-tank roles of your list, unless you want snipers to wreck you team. You’d basically be force to play a couple of tank or so.

And since it will definitively be the case under 1-3-2, I will not play tank anymore.

i think off tank players and main tank players will either quit or go to another role like they have been lol. tank is already the worst role so except trying to make the role feel better to play. they try to cater to the role everyone is leaving too???

makes me think if the devs know about cause and effect at all


I think the biggest problem with Overwatch is the mindset of the players and how so many assume it should be balanced. There always seems to be this theme that tanks are too powerful, healers are too strong… ‘Sigma does too much damage’, ‘Baptiste broken as f###’… The mindset is that the DPS role should just walk all over the other two categories of folks trying to play this game. And yet, there’s a reason why tank queue is less than a minute and dps queue is greater than 10.

Yeah, it 3-2-1 was a thing, I’d probably just stop playing. I love that 2-2-2 was implemented because I got tired of playing with these teams of 5 dps.

I mean, I’ve gone to off tank to avoid DPS q times.
So sure, I’d welcome it.