Off tank players, would you even bother playing if 321 was a thing?

i feel like they should get rid of all the abusive mechanics first. anything u can abuse should leave/remove.
this game suffers alot from i play perfect but still get punished.
im pretty sure everyone who played the game has complained about a hero and asked, how is that fair.

i also feel like if a cooldown is over 20 secs its prob too op to even be in the game and should just be a ult instead or removed.

I don’t agree with this to be honest. It was already said that tanks would be rebalanced if the change was made. I think that there are ways to make the power of “off tanks” comparable to “main tanks” while maintaining similar designs and adding further depth to their kits. Wrecking Ball is a great example of this. He is really strong and has been able to solo tank before role lock. Not all tanks will need to have a big barrier.


Saying that you tested 3-2-1 comps before role queue doesn’t really mean a lot. That was at a time where triple tank/triple support existed. Both teams didn’t have the same restrictions. Besides, tanks would be reworked and any tank that would be unviable would be changed to be viable.

I’d probably not bother to play Tank or Support any more at all… Like that would be the final straw for me to go back to playing only DPS.

I would quit playing tank. I don’t want Zarya moved to DPS. And I don’t want her turned into main tank. The only change i accept is if she is made stronger in the off tank position and her ultimate is changed to an offensive one. If either direction is done. I will not bother playing in PVP, or the game again. I did not play this game so that the tanks are messed around like Syms was.

I am a hardcore fan and would try it but i can already for see not liking anything other then 222 because let’s be honest 222 has been the best thing for the game and hero problems are the main thing wrong with the game making the Roll Q look bad to some people.
But no i do not want 321 as a tank main.

As long as main tanks aren’t shield bots, sure. I’d definitely play tank.

I mean I already don’t bother to tank because I don’t play main tanks LOL.

1-3-2 would just make me less inclined to tank as I rather enjoyed offtanking, no pressure on me to be the leader of the team and more about helping my team succeed as a whole.

I’m not interested in playing beefier, easy to hit, weakened dps tanks. Oh wait dva is already a fat, flying, useless genji without any of the good features. Heh.

Nah I wouldnt

I cant play DPS other than Hanzo at a GM level, so as soon as he’s out of meta, i can’t do anything

Seeing as Hog is already in the DPS role internally, no probably not.

I’d become a support main. :man_shrugging:


1-3-2 would kill the tank role.