Nvlddmkm has stopped working and recovered succesfully

So lately I have been getting a very annoying problem with my PC (suspecting it is the GPU). So what happens is when playing for a while the game just randomly crashes everytime. It then gives a error code (8F5BC3F0-8E94-4850-9B01-9BD9977DF1F7), the error ‘‘Nvlddmkm has stopped working and recovered succesfully’’ pops up or it just doesnt give a error at all. Really want to get this fixed. Funny thing is I bought this PC litterally 2 weeks ago.

CPU: I5 9600K
GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 6G
Ram: 8gb ddr4 3000mhz (enabled 3000mhz with xmp profile)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD
Everything is running at stocks speed no overclocks. If anyone could please help me it would be great!

I can’t read error codes because I’m not staff, but since your nVidia driver is crashing, I’d recommend uninstalling with Display Driver Uninstaller and then reinstalling. Also, I have seen a lot of issues with stock overclocked RAM/xmp, so I would try downclocking it and see if that stops the crashes as well.

I already tried uninstalling everything with ddu and for the ram xmp thing, yes I overclocked it. It supports 3000mhz but was set to 2600 by default so I overclocked it

Blizzard games don’t officially support overclocked hardware because it can cause system instability. That is likely what we’re seeing happen here.

Oh so such a small overclock causes problems? That’s weird. Can you btw explain how that can cause crashes?

Because hardware wears out like anything else, and after it’s been overclocked for a long time, it may not perform at its original quality.

Hmm alright I will try it

Along with the memory steps, I’d also want to grab the updated drivers here.

Alright so a quick little update. Yesterday I disabled xmp profile for my ram and the problem still exist. It gives the error ‘‘Kernel Power 41’’.

The Kernel Power 41 event is generally just going to indicate an unexpected shutdown. This can occur for various reasons such as a hard reset using the power button on the computer. Was the RAM the only thing that was OC’d or have there been changes made to the CPU or GPU?

There were some issues being reported with the latest Nvidia driver. There has since been a hotfix drive released that we can try installing here.

Given the issue I would also like to try the steps here.

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Hmm I can try that. It happens not only in Overwatch so I’m suspecting that it is a Power supply problem. Planning to buy a new one soon.

That’s definitely a possibility. The other main thing I’d be concerned with would be an overheat of some variety. If you run hwmonitor while playing until it crashes, you can double check to see if the “max” temperatures on your CPU/GPU are getting too high. If they are, it may just be time to swap the thermal paste. Once it gets down to hardware level issues we can’t really help too much, but hopefully this has at least given you some guidance to identify it. ^^

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Overheating isn’t a issue as I monitor the system and the temps are fine. The crashes only happen under heavy load (gaming). The hardware is all brand new.

Understood. Well, you can try troubleshooting that PSU and its cable connections and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, I’d have you try grabbing HWmonitor, running it, playing until you have a crash, then posting screenshots of everything from that test somewhere like imgur. You can link us to that and we can check it out. Regardless of whether or not it’s overheating we may be able to get more insight into what your hardware is actually doing during the crash.

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Ok so a quick little update. Yesterday I checked my drivers with some kind of driver scan software and it listed drivers from 2006! (PC is from last month). Updated all the drivers, tried a fix I found on internet (turning off link state power management for pci express). No errors have occured since then.

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I’ve been getting this same error almost every day and I’ve lost so much SR because of it… especially during the initial countdown of the match where you can’t possibly rejoin in time.

My CPU/GPU are not overclocked. My PC is not overheating. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers.

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what is this driver scan software ur using? would really help me here since im having the same issue as you.