NOt Ranking up past silver

So aat this point since I’ve initially hit S1 I haven’t been able to get past S1 even after winning somewhere between 18-24 games (not in a row). Yesterday ranked me down after showing me my 7wins to S2. So yea, not sure whats going on here.


At least you made it out of bronze. A lot of us can’t even get out of Bronze 5.

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Having the same issue, placed S1 instead of G5 multiple times despite winning more than losing.

Bronze 5 purgatory members stand up! I got promoted from bronze 5 to bronze 5 twice last night.

Feels like the ranking system never got a proper QA pass.


Same. I have been playing alot of competetive and had a steady climb untill now. I have been stuck in platinum 1 for 5 “competetive updates” now, every time i win 7 it says competetive update but it allways says platinum 1. And i win alot more than i lose.

i’ve got the same bug, i do my 7 win in a row and i still in bronze 5

You’re silver because you don’t dive the enemy teams widow often. I rewatched your tanking in that quick play match that you decided to flame me for some reason for practicing a character I do not play. I’m playing quick play to have fun and practice. You flame your teammates in qp, so I can only imagine how your mindset is in competitive. As a career high on pc I’m mid diamond on tank s4 and console I reached 3800 sr on tank s2.

You shoot zaryas bubbles as diva and expect to not be de-mec’d. You also matrix her beam when you are against her. Your positioning could use work. You use high ground but you should use it more often. Poke dmg targets from high ground. When you’re shooting focus on one target. You try and aim at everything all at once. It seems you have trouble adjusting your aim when you dive targets. Id recommended a higher sens or a larger mouse pad.

You probably looked at my career profile during that match and thought, “how is my tanking not gold but theirs is! They’re so bad!” (I am a bad dps! But I can admit that.) That’s bc I only know positioning for tanking! But your comment in all chat (You should have stayed zarya you’re a ——- widow ) checked out and I assumed you were lower rank. And I was right. But just bc you’re mad abt that doesn’t mean you get to flame others!

Anyways. Watch your game play over. Manage your resources. And maybe don’t live up to your own name.