Not enough nerfs to Brigitte

35 on m1 attack that hits twice in .6 seconds meaning 140 dmg every 2.4 seconds + shield bash is like .2 seconds for an extra 50 so that 2.6 seconds = 190 dmg and you’ll usually be able to do another left click or left shift to kill/kill faster


i’d prefer 7s but i’ll take the nerf

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left shift is not needed to secure kills on brigitte, she still does 190 in 2.6 seconds with just left clicks and shield bash

granted 190 isnt enough to kill, dmg spread from teammates is most likely gonna secure that kill for you

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Good to see you guys being cautious in toning her down. She is bullying tanks too much as is so this is good, and doesnt sound like it will destroy her as a character.

Good job.


a lot of those heroes it wont matter cause her m1 has some pretty good range for what it is.

One personal barrier messes up her combo and passive healing and landing shotgun shots, or even the hook, at melee range isn’t that difficult. Most times when she’s trying to swing into me as Roadhog I don’t really need to heal because she either dies or retreats by being heavily damaged.

Stop trying to over exaggerate things about her, I know you’re bad against her but come on


Have you considered making shield bash not go through barriers? Because playing Rein is pretty much the most ridicilous unfun thing in the current version of the game.


Geoff, I’m sorry I’m asking directly, but if you find the time, could you take a look what I propose here?

The main thing are the changes on the dropdown texts. It’s a long thread, I wouldn’t dream of you reading all of it - it’s too long, I recognize that -, but the thread itself does contain my explanation for said changes.

Well… it was worth a shot, I guess xD

Thank you for always being present, sir. :heart:

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You better stick to those words. I don’t want to see a over nerf as well. Six seconds for a shield bash nerf is reasonable, but leave her damage alone. Respect close range heroes!


it seems some of you wants to nerf her badly and go back to their usual dive comp…


She makes dive comp better and makes deathball/triple tank actually meta again

so yes, I think a lot of us do not want her to stay with a 4 second CD Stun that lets her work in every comp

that extra second is actually a long time in overwatch. good starting point

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Your hatred for this character bleeds out of every syllable you type. Could you at least PRETEND you aren’t so incredibly biased?


What i’m saying is that these existing changes make a difference already. If further changes are needed, they will happen. It’s hard to say that these changes are not enough, because we don’t know if they are not enough. Massive nerfs/buffs are not always needed to fix the problem.

The fact that the bash lasts for 1 second doesn’t change the cooldown. Please stop spreading that false perception. This isn’t a 1v1 game.

That being said, it does feel like it’s up far too often. 1 more second at a time is a good “feel it out” nerf.


me wanting a more than a 1 second addition to a 4 second CD stun that is the current strongest most reliable CC tool in the game? instead of trying to say I’m extremely biased ms. current brigitte main, I’d love to see your thoughts on how making tanks unplayable with a 4 second CD stun is what this game needs

cause to me, you seem pretty biased as well

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but how about a short “Cheat Death” for Ana to help her survive flankers and team fights? Also fits into the fantasy of her being a battle-hardened vet.

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look, I get for highly aggressive front line mains, such as tank and dive dps. But for us backline mains, Bridgitte is a godsend. Jake himself said that he was tired of Overwatch being a game focused on diving and destroying the backline, and is very open to the change.

For many supports and people who pick dive prone DPS (like myself), season 10 is a great start.


No, we want her fair and balanced for everyone.

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Reinhardt’s interactions with Brig are the only things needing to be looked at; everything else is fine, as Hog can insta-gib her pretty quickly (also, he synergizes with her.) Zarya is a blatant powerhouse at even half-charge against her, and stops her combo with relative ease, Orisa says ‘no’, and Winston / are tanks NEEDING to be dropped off the mount of pickrate haven.
Tanks are not unplayable in games of communication, but of those of uncoordinated fashion or of bad player composition.

I don’t main Brig, but I do play every support very extensively. Luco, Zen, and Moira being my most favored- and when I play Brig, I do stay towards my team. I usually die to Junkrats, Pharahs, or Snipers when I’m ‘goin’ in’ to bash that enemy Rein.

So, from an unbiased opinion: She was never overpowered. She was just annoying and difficult to deal with. This is why people hate Tracer. This is why people hate Genji- also on the coin flip of those arguments, why people hate playing support: Because a character is annoying.