Not enough nerfs to Brigitte

This is a good sign. I definitely think it needs to be 7 or 8 seconds, if not more, but starting small and seeing how it goes makes perfect sense. I’m happy to see how 6s plays out.

man you guys are delusional

there is NO DIVE in plat. most of your games are full of junkrats and reinhardts. you watch OWL and think their meta is in your games but it’s not

it’s hilarious watching all the low ranked people talking about dive, as if you’ve ever faced dive in your lives. those plat tracers are losing more than they win lol


Literally everything you have posted is misinformation, exaggeration and bias.

She has a 1 second stun on a 5 second cooldown. Saying it is every 4 seconds because the stun lasts 1 second, is exactly like saying Ana can sleep a target every 6.5 seconds. Tanks can deal with Brig just fine, and a couple can even disengage at will. There are some things that need to change (shield bash vs Rein charge should NOT go to Brig), but you are trying to make her sound like a be-all end-all to the game. She is not.


What about 7 seconds Shield Bash and 30 Rocket Flail?

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I’m sorry we lowbie plebs have a complaint. Except we can reverse that and say that Higher ELO players don’t understand low ELO players problems since you’ve quickly left that area…

you aren’t making a good argument, you just sound like an elitist jerk.

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Also, ‘Dive’ in this context comes in the form of ‘mobility heros’, not just the entire team comp.
The lower the ELO, the higher the threat of a singular dive character; which is what most are sick of. I do experience Dive in GOLD because people like Genji,, and Tracer. He’s not delusional, he just hates seeing the same heroes running amok making some heroes unplayable or unenjoyable.

Again: OP should not and does not equate to annoying.


“zarya is a blatant powerhouse even at half charge” funny


Wow do people here really want another doomfist scenario? After these changes come through she’ll be fine. Screw with her shield or CDs any further and she will be considered trash for who knows how long


She’s not nerfed enough. She needs a 8-9 second cooldown and damage nerfed on her flail. This way she literally can’t delete anyone especially Tracer.


Honestly not sure that is the right direction, the problem is the effectiveness of her meele range. I think the best option is reduce the range her Shield Bash can take her from 6m down to 4m.

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Not gonna change anything

Her shield uptime is the problem

It needs to go down

Halve her shield while retaining her 5 second cooldown

That solves almost all issues


Ew That is nasty… <<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>

I have been to high diamond. I can tell you I have faced dive. And I can tell you, as a person who is more comfortable on heroes who like to keep their foes at an arms length, facing dive is MISERABLE.

Also, your argument is not strong at all. People have faced dive even down to platinum, and faced the same problems as higher elos have.

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hijacking, why do you hate doomfist?

No thats balanced…

Uh that’s abit overkill my dude, 6 seconds is more then enough for the cooldown. if you must nerf anything else about Brigitte nerf her shields health from 600 to 500.

nothing more.


I think you might be already to be honest. It is no news that Brigitte is another Junkrat on low level matches, she domains them because people are disorganized and she punishes them heavily with a stun.

Now, Brigitte is a very extreme hero. She’s very weak when she’s not close to the enemy and if she’s in her effective range, she’s always in risk, but she’s very strong there. If you nerf her to the point she’s nothing special at close range, then she’ll become pretty weak. She needs to exceel at close range fights because she can’t get to them very easily on her own and she’s super weak at 6 meter+ distance from the enemy. She also can never get out of bad situations.

But this “extreme” design is very risky for the game’s balance btw, it’s very easy that the hero is either OP or very weak, it may be hard to find a balance point without a rework that makes her less extreme (which means more useful at longer distances or even more tanky but with less power, for example).

So can we get a Reinhardt range buff and a Genji katana range buff so they match the 6 meters from Brigitte? or nerf Brigitte down to 5.

Thank you for nerfing Brigitte. Keep up the good work!

… that’s not even close enough, Cmon Geoff. She’s a MUST PICK, she’s basically at 100% in GM right now, 1 second isnt a drastic enough change to make her, or just about anyone in the top 3 slots a normal, average pick.