Not enough nerfs to Brigitte


Her base M1 damage is low, her best mobility is a 6m dash and her barrier cannot block most AoE effects. Keep making lies.


That’s such a minuscule nerf. I might not even call it a nerf at that point.


6 should be more then enough for the cooldown.


Thank you for finally addressing the CD.

That’s honestly what I feel is the first thing that needs to be looked at and changed. Then if she’s still over performing, look at other things.


She’s supposed to counter Winston, I have no problem dealing with Brigitte as Roadhog and Zarya. I don’t get how is 35 damage per swing is supposed to beat a 600Hp target with a shotgun unless you miss every shot like the ones I beat around in FFA


nerfing soldiers damage by 1 point didn’t seem like much but it brang him back in line with the other offense hero’s


It is a long stun compared to McCree but McCree is like AoE stun, doesn’t put him forward into the enemy and his right click has a potential 270 damage. I think 7 seconds would be good because he would line up with her combo.


Her entire kit revolves around shield bash though. You can only nerf that so much before she becomes too weak and isn’t viable as off-tank or secondary healer.


“her base damage is low”

Nah, she deletes 200 hp heroes in under 3 seconds with shield bash + 4 left clicks
even 3 left clicks is enough if a dva sprays in the direction of the person you just shield bashed
her damage is not low in the situations it matters most


blessed Geoff for saving season 10


Lets pray that she doesnt get doomfisted because of whiny players


If you get stunned you are dead. Doesn’t matter who shoots you, you are standing still for 1sec.


You likely want her nerfed into oblivion and or garbage tier


she must not be using her knockback tool + timing her shield bashes for whenever you heal then

because you as a 100% charged zarya will never outdamage brigitte when you’re constantly repositioned or stunned every 4 seconds
and hog has to land perfect shots to kill that thing


but the shield bash is way to strong and it could use a small tweak I wouldn’t mid if it was just a second longer


Because it is.
35 on an M1 attack is extremely low. When she’s got to use her whole kit to try to kill someone of course it’s gonna do a lot of damage.


Isn’t that the point of all stuns? What’s next? We nerf Flashbang and Hook since one is an AoE and the other is a pull as well?


Any chance you guys could chill out on the CC abilities? CC ruins games, and you keep adding more and more.


Depends who shes fighting. She’ll only do 155 and they should have a chance to react. Depending on the character they could combat her. Keep in mind the end of her combo usually knocks them back with the flail. Ana can grenade or sleep, moira can fade or orb, Zen probably dead, Mercy can fly away. Then on the DPS side, soldier maybe can run + heal, reaper can fade+fight, pharah flies, Genji can dash away/climb etc, and so on and so forth. You can’t just look at it in a vacuum of damage vs health.


Absolutely not, but I feel like 7 might have been the better trial run at least.