Not a 'goodbye' thread, but overall worry


I’m going to keep it short and sweet, this game is not enjoyable anymore. No, they’ve done incredible changes for the better of the game, and I acknowledge that. I aspired to become a pro since I got to the high ranks, I had this mindset of when I turn 18, I’ll try my best to get into OWL.

Though this all took a right turn a month ago. This game, whenever I have to go play a competitive game because of decay just seems like a chore, and while I set myself up for this countless amount of times, it’s come to an end. No I’ll keep playing Overwatch, but the enthusiasm for me an others, I bet, is simply long gone.

Not a hate thread, pure love. (I acknowledge I cannot speak for everybody, but I’ve gotten a raw taste of what “quitters” go through. It’s subjective obviously.)


If you ever had thoughts of being in OWL, be ready to have this game turn into a job. Literally. You will have to practice for hours a day doing drills and unfun things.


Yeah decay makes literally no sense

its not like if i dont play the game for a week or two im suddenly “going to get worse”

And even if I DID get worse, wouldnt you precious matchmaking get me in the spot i should be in? after all you seem pretty confident in its ability to do that, so why not let it do its thing?

Decay should not exist up until top500, top500 is more of a honorary thing so you should be forced to grind for it,


Decay was added because without it, it’s common for players to simply stop playing once they’ve reached the top of the ladder. If you never play the game again, then you don’t really have to protect your title once you’ve gotten it, because the people directly below you on the ladder can’t raise their ratings any further if they never get a chance to play against you.

This was a pretty common behavior in the ranked ladders for WoW and some other games; the top players on the ladder just stopped playing once they reached the top, because there was no more incentive to keep playing.


with the model i proposed, the highest rank, top500 has decay, therefore GMs still have to fight for it if they want it…

But diamond and master decay is just stupid…tbh i can maybe understand GM but not really


Diamond and Masters both still have a pretty small player pool. If a large enough portion of the people in Diamond/Masters were to stop playing, then you could easily end up with neverending queue times for players at certain ratings, which would force Blizzard to drastically lower the matchmaking quality at those ratings.


But you play on console? Not supposed to sound rude, just see that you play on console, so no OWL there.


I have a PC with a separate account which is very high masters right now. Plus, I’m nearly 16 only.


Fair enough.


Either way, my enthusiasm for the game has diminished drastically. Even if I was 18, I would have better directions to go to.


Beware of becoming a pro gamer, friend. Very few people manage to actually make a proper living out of it. I’d look into a more practical career path if I were you.


(I mean you have to be a lot higher than masters to even have a prayer at making OWL) But yeah, this game has lost a lot of its fun factor and has mostly turned into a chore to shake off decay.


If you can’t handle playing this game enough not to decay, then being a professional gamer is likely not the right choice for you. There are other things you can do within the world of gaming, but playing a lot even when you don’t want to is just the day-to-day life of professional gaming. So if it’s something you have a problem with, it’s not a great fit for you.

I encourage you to speak your school’s counselor to help you find something besides just playing video games that can spark your passion. Perhaps writing about them, or making them, or something.


You’d need a bit of a buffer area below top 500 where decay is still active so you don’t have a glut of players just outside it due to decay. It makes things weird at the Plat-Diamond division, and you wouldn’t want that weirdness deciding who gets something that’s supposed to be prestigious. Decay should be in place for all GMs, and maybe Master because of the way some regions are with Top 500 getting really close to Master due to small population.


School counselor?

Im not sure about it, school counselors generally are not that approcheable about this topics…tbh


School counselors are one of the best resources for learning your career path. They can tell you what courses to take, help you learn the requirements for getting into a college near you, etc, etc.


How many players do you know that are in OWL from just playing the ranked ladder and nothing else?
Genuine question.


Isn’t OWL kind of a pipe-dream?
I mean, the odds of getting there…
Stay in school kids!


School is a pipe dream also, much smaller pipe.


It is

OWL isnt really a matter of skill because ladder and OWL are two complete different things

Its more about

  • Luck: to get picked by a team

  • Adaptability: essentially forget all you learned from the game and re-learn it

  • Endurance: a lot of it, OW is a very frustrating game that can burn you out quite quickly from playing it competitively and sometimes casually, OWL players just cannot take a break of OW, its their job after all