Non-Native Resolution, Latency, and Input lag

So I’ve been playing Overwatch for quite a while, however, I can’t seem to see lots of improvement overtime. I’m a platinum player, and I play it using Bootcamp on my Mac. I would like to ask a few questions:

(1) I have a 4K monitor, but I cannot play OW at 4K, and since this is an Apple Screen, the 4K monitor is a ‘glue of two’ displays, this is a weird Apple design, but it worked for purposes. I cannot play OW at 4K, whatsoever, so I have to settle with 1080p, does playing the game at a non-native resolution cause any significant disadvantages? If so, how, and why so?

(2) I’m a player from South East Asia, and my input lag has always remained in the top 15ms, and I can’t seem to reduce this no matter what I do. Would reducing the input lag, say, help me aim better? I want to know what exactly is hampering my ability to aim and improve.

(3) I play on EU servers, and my latency is around 180~230ms, lots of people tell me that OW is different, since the moment it registers a hit on my screen, it’s a “guaranteed hit no matter what.” However, this isn’t true, there are plenty of times, both in controlled situations (training) and otherwise, where I hit targets with Genji’s blade, but nothing happens, other than it giving me the false impression that it hit the target. I know the ideal ping should be as low as possible, but what is the usual ping for those who wish to climb the ladder and are playing beyond platinum?

Thank you.

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Playing at 1080p is fine and will actually help reduce input lag.

Most important step is to disable in- game V-sync. Then set frame limit to custom with a value of 300. These changes got my input lag from about 16 down to 6.

The change felt so significant that it took me a couple weeks to adapt to the newfound responsiveness of my mouse.

More great recommendations for settings here:

Reducing input lag won’t automatically improve your aim, however it will remove an impediment that will allow your aim skill to progress if you put in the practice.