NO Pakistan Flag Icon

The citizens of Pakistan aren’t the ones that decide when their flag can be used unfortunately.


Bro im talking about the GOV its not saying anything to Overwatch rather its totally opposite it was India That BANNED the game

Pakistan; greatest country in the world. All other countries, are run by little girls…

I’m just telling you what Blizzard has told us. There’s really no realistic reason for them to specifically not add the Pakistan flag. It’s just all legal stuff.

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where did it say please do Share It with me the link… i would love a Reference link i mean if you have a official statement i would love to read it cause that’s why i made this post i want someone official to tell me whats going on and why not other countries are in there and and if it is the case then WHY IS COD WARZONE HAS pakistan Flag… and they should release a post showing all the flags next to the heroes so we know which country what hero belong to thats what i want i want clarity


That’s an old post now I think its way different cause it doesn’t make sense IF other property of Activision Blizzard is Using it Why not Overwatch I mean I think they didn’t even contact anyone I mean that’s one statement from the blizzard they should show the reply from the countries I mean otherwise it makes no sense why COD warzone has it then only thing make sense is Each Hero that is in game has a flag… in my book that makes more sense :slight_smile:

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2018 isn’t old. And likely still applies, or there would be the missing flags included by now already.

True, if other games are using it. Then I don’t know where the legal issues come from, your correct on this one.

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my friend if thats the case right then why is it Blizzard Activision has It in COD WARZONE

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The vast majority of flags in the game don’t have an associated hero actually.

Edit: Actually that’s not true. For some reason I remembered there being so many more flags than there actually are. Huh.

Thats what my point is… 1 if thats the case they should… give us each country regardless… 2 if Pakistan Didn’t Allow It how is it IN WARZONE … cause i know (Pakistan Gov) Doesn’t care about GAMES lol we weren’t even KNOWN to people IN TEKKEN until Our Kid Arsalan Ash Went to EVO japan And Beat every single player in the world…

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Well there seems to be a a pattern that many things that were blocked in 2016 are implemented now. Such as Cross-Play, the Workshop, Rainbow Icon ig. So unless they seek permission again, I don’t see it happening soon

what are you saying im confuse i have the rainbow and I have crossplay also I play workshops on daily basis

do you expect them to add every flag of every country?
that’s like 200 countries

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sure why not :stuck_out_tongue: whats harm in it they can and it wont hurt in mean 200 images wont eat that much space in there drive

Blizzard is cowardly. If anything threatens their profit they will lick the boot of the entity that calls foul

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These things weren’t in overwatch back in 2016 because they had legal issues or technical issues. But now they have tried again and so far they have had success.

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see i love your positive attitude i hope one day we have all the flags of our nation

what next? do you expect overwatch to have all 178 country flags in the game?