No ones talking about the Mercy buff?

I saw it tested in custom games and it really didnt do anything

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mercy getting buffs instead of nerfs like always. What else is new?


because its not a buff, it doesnt do anythign except keep the rezzed soul in the air when you’re channeling it. The wording makes it seem that you can rezz environmental kills but that’s not really what happens.
Before you could rezz while the soul was in the air but it would still fall down visually so it looks like you are rezzing nothing in the air. All this change does is keep the soul in the air during the cast time so it makes sense visually… Truly not a buff just a QOL visual change at the most


well same with cassidy and hanzo. the blizzard way. they want destroy the game

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Youre going to never see it used once in a blue moon if that, this is so niche its borderline useless

When was the last buff? Did you even read what this “buff” does?


That is strange, why start the sentence with now you can resurrect people that fall in pits if all it does is hold the orb in the air once you start a resurrect. It seems unncessarily complicated to describe it the way they did and also is more confusing. I thought you could resurrect people that fall in pits now from what it did from the first sentence.


Blizz logic:
What do you mean?

We need more bufs for Heroes no one Ask for.
Oh I forgot we also nerf supports, they dmg less and heal less… good luck tryin have fun with this role lol

hah a nerf to roadhog and lucio


I can’t muster the energy to care.

You cant rez environmental kills.

Before this change, if someone died over a pit, their soul instantly disappeared and was completely unrezzable. When you die normally in the sky, your soul would fall down, but if you were over a pit, your soul would disappear instantly. This now fixes that bug.

This change only affects those who die as they fall in the pit, not after theyve fallen in the pit and have already died.

Mercy isn’t undoing environmental kills, the wording in the patch is really bad. They honestly should’ve put this stuff in the bug fixes.

It’s not a buff, it’s literally a bug fix.


oh this is current live? i thought someone was talking about the upcoming experimental. my bad

yea wording is bad. confused a bit


Hi, everyone!!

The post I made has sense been updated, but I just wanted to point something out.

Mercy can now attempt to resurrect teammates who die OVER environmental death pits (not teammates who die in them).

My apologies for the confusion! Please let me know if I can help clarify any more.


This is what it does. It does make it a lot easier to get falling soul resses, but if you ress above a pit… they will probably still plummet to their death during the animation when they cannot move yet. :smiley:


Okay, thanks Jodie.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :yum:

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cryyyy I am eating up the salt bahaha

Yup! These people complaining about this “buff” do not play Mercy and so have invented in their mind what it actually does, when in reality its not a buff more of a visual QoL change


I just wish people wouldn’t find a reason to be upset about things

Mercy doesn’t need a nerf, and this “buff” hardly does anything noticeable at all. Its hard to even notice in custom games

It is not even surprising anymore to even get mad about because it is the same thing every time. :woman_shrugging:

lets buff pharmercy because they are not meta enough.

Why would it be surprising? Mercy has been statistically balanced for over a year, and the general community and pros agree she is balanced. You guys are the outliers, the minority, the only ones who can’t handle her.

I mean they aren’t…meta…at all…but go off!!


Effectively this really changes nothing except the ultra niche scenario where pharah/echo is actually very high atop a pit and it’s hard to think of a location on top of my head where this could actually work and where pharmercy/echomercy might actually operate. Mercy could already do falling soul resses on airborne targets and if character is ressed too low atop a pit, they will fall to their death anyway and mercy wasted a ress.

I mean yea sure it might make falling soul ress easier to see when performing it properly, but in practical scenarios, nothing changes.

I’m not sure if it’s even possible to be that high up atop a single pit in this game where player character could gain controls before they fall into death pit… maybe Dorado or Ilios lighthouse? Or big MAYBE in scenarios where character dies atop a rooftop and is sliding down, so that delays the soul dropping directly into the pit.

I foresee it failing more than actually working if you try to falling soul ress atop a pit. But if you’re alone in pharmercy/echomercy atop a pit, I suppose you can try to hail mary ress it.

The one practical application I can see is using valkyrie resurrection and using the soul as actual anchor point where you can juke around terrain when ressing, when before the soul would have just fallen and you only had approximate location you could not move away from.

I do foresee tons of people making a huge deal out of this change though ingame, without considering it was something mercy could already do…