New Zenyatta passive ideas

Defensive stance: when charging up orbs, zenyatta takes less damage (maybe 20%)

True harmony: when both orbs have been applied on a singular target for 2 seconds, the power of the effect increases by 1.5.

Hand of the iris: when hitting enemies with the discord effect, they start to receive less healing, stacking in 10% and capping at 70%.

Do you guys think any of these would work?


I wish people would keep this kind of energy when other supports are underpowered.



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These are actually nice ideas. Rather than just constantly toning his numbers it’d be nice to have some useful functionality in his kit :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Aren’t really passives, just changes for the secondary fire and his abilities.

The change to the secondary fire doesn’t seem too bad, I don’t quite get the second one and the last one does seem a bit too much, maybe cap it to 30%.

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Yes, I guess they aren’t true passives. Except for the second. The second means that when zenyatta has had discord on a enemy for 2 seconds, an harmony on a teammate for 2 seconds, the power of both is multiplied by 1.5.

This is sparta : Melee does extra knockback


That’s awesome.

Zen is actually pretty strong, but get insta gibbed by too many dive heroes (DF, Hammond, Tracer), that’s his problem.
OWL fixed it by running Zen with Brig

Thing with that is then there’s no main heal

The anti heal idea is not terrible.


Boop kills as zen would have me rolling :rofl:


I think all of these sound really good.
True Harmony in this case would likely receive a “To little skill to much value” critique by the people who don’t think supports should be allowed to do anything tho.

An idea I personally had for Zen would be that the target of the Harmony orb would get little heal-bursts when Zen does Damage… something like an aditional 5-10 on normal hits and 10-15 against Discorded enemies… That would give a skilled Zen possibly even the chance to compete with stronger healers.

I really like that passive idea!

Main heal is not needed if you run dive

I think I like them in the order you put them!
I think “Defensive stance” would be really helpful for him
“True harmony” sounds really interesting but would need to be tested with actual numbers so there are not overpowered interactions.
“Hand of the iris” sounds like it might have the potential to become broken but at least is worth a test!